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  1. No idea but al I know is that ever since Evernote released an update every few days the problems started. I ended up finding my disappearing notes but that was with no help from EN - their support function is an oxymoron. Please stop releasing a new version every 5 minutes
  2. Having the same issue - key notes I update at least every day first started to not sync and then they disappeared - (one is a running sheet of 4 years+) and my trash folder was emptied. I've done all of the work arounds to find it and its not there so I am hoping this is backed up on EN's server - 10 - 12 day turnaround? Seriously?
  3. Hi everyone A copy of a support request I sent is below: Key notes that I have been updating for 4+ years have been automatically deleted (not by me - sole access to my devices) along with my trash. This happened about 3 or 4 days and was on top of the same disappearing notes not synching across devices. I have run through all of the work around without any success - I am sincerely hoping there is a back up of my notes on the EN server. Evernote - seriously a 10 day turn around? Hello - long time premium user but at this rate I wont be much longer. I have quite a few notes that have disappeared along with my trash - some of the notes are running notes that go back more than 4 years so you can understand my frustration. One for example is Weekly SM running sheet and I update this every day. I have done all of the suggested things to recover the notes and its nowhere to be found along with my Trash. I did not delete either item and would like a full restore please. Disappearing notes goes to the heart of your promise and I'd hope this is a one and only occurrence. Lastly the new version of EN is horrible - the UI is very unintuitive - you cant find the sync button and even the minimise/maximise option has to be manually added, seriously? Please for the love of all things holy don't do gratuitous changes like this.
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