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  1. Still no fix for this? I've started just reflexively opening notes in a new window to avoid the obnoxious jaggies when working, which is kind of ridiculous. Really the only reason I haven't switched to something else is waiting for a break in my work demands so I have the breathing room to switch. (And also I'll miss geotagging support, but I'll give that up to not have to deal with problems like this one.)
  2. Well, one of the things I do like about Evernote is that both the native MacOS and iOS apps do locally store all content so there's recourse if the cloud goes away. It's not just a pure cloud-access service, which I would absolutely refuse to use. Still, user experience should be the bread and butter of an application like Evernote.
  3. Right, this is exactly the problem. Main view window, when displayed on a secondary monitor. Open the note into its on window – no problem. Put Evernote on the primary display – no problem. However extremely irritating since many of us do most of our work on a large second monitor, in the main Evernote view. This is really driving me crazy.
  4. I'm really not one to do the "I'm canceling my subscription for this bug!" thing, but... this is honestly really embarrassing. Evernote has been my primary brain repository for something like a dozen years but the persistence of a simple, glaring bug like this for multiple versions is making me question my reliance on the tool. My primary mode of usage of Evernote is making notes in-panel and on my desktop monitor – and the appearance of text in that mode is extremely distracting from the work I'm trying to do. This isn't some wacky edge case – this is editing text in the main view of the application. How this is allowed to persist is unfathomable.
  5. I saw a new update and was a bit excited, but not fixed in 7.7 apparently (wasn't in the release notes so I assume it wasn't intended to be fixed yet).
  6. Same issue happening here on Evernote 7.6, MacOS 10.13.6. Text is highly aliased in the preview pane on my external monitor connected to my MacBook Pro. Text looks fine when either opened in a separate editor window, or when viewed (preview or editor window) on the MacBook Pro's internal screen. Screen configuration attached.
  7. Just wanted to mention that I ran into this problem today on Mac 6.13.1. Thankfully I found this thread, and 6.13.2 Beta 1 does in fact fix the missing title issue for me (and makes the "print headers" checkbox actually do something).
  8. Sure, no problem. Here is the PDF. d960ab8aa9cbea7daed4adb324e0ec10.pdf
  9. Ah, everything seems to be back up and syncing for me, at least at the moment.
  10. Okay, back up and running! Here's my attempt at a controlled side-by-side comparison of strokes on the BB vs. the PDF output. I tried to cover the range of pressures that produce lines of different appearance (from barely-registered to not-getting-any-thicker), and for the fast strokes I tried to move the pen as quickly and tightly as I could to try to "fool" the digitizer. I think the results are quite good for both stroke weight and accuracy with speed -- much better than I've seen from a tablet computer. Of course there is still the big tradeoff of the BB "screen" being extremely low contrast (and of course not really a "screen" at all, so much as a writing surface you can clear). But setting that aside, the actual digitizer technology I find to be quite good. No calibration, just works the way you'd expect.
  11. As of an hour and a half ago, supposedly "Evernote service is available", but I'm still not able to sync with desktop or iphone...
  12. If they're getting DDOS'd this hard, I imagine it's panic over there trying to find a solution. Stay tuned I guess...
  13. I'll post an example file up here once the Evernote DDOS attack is resolved and I can actually sync notes again.
  14. I'm seeing it reported in various places that Evernote resolved the DDOS late last night, but I'm still unable to sync this morning. Is this still ongoing?
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