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  1. Actually, we do have such a document in our Knowledge Base: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23168602 Let us know if that doesn't fully address your concerns. Thanks!
  2. Sometimes, this little thing will go missing (or won't be installed by default): Getting it back is pretty straightforward: you just need to take an alias to the Evernote app and drop it into ~/Library/PDF Services. Trouble is the ~/Library folder is hidden by default in OS X Lion. So, I made a little AppleScript that creates the alias in the right spot. Here's how you get/use it: Grab this chunk of AppleScript (also, you can fork it on github if that's your deal) Open the AppleScript Editor on your Mac and paste the code in there. Click "Run" at the top of the window. If all goes well, you shouldn't see any errors and you should now have the "Send PDF to Evernote" option in the PDF menu of the Print dialog. Hope this is helpful. Post here if it doesn't work and I'll do my best to get you sorted out.
  3. Hey friends, A few folks have asked about when the Mac client is going to get a word count feature (similar to what's available in the Windows client). As I understand it, this is a planned feature for the Mac client. In the meantime, though, I wrote a very simple AppleScript to count the words in a note; it's attached to this post available for download here. The typical caveats apply — this isn't an officially supported thing and it might eat your dog (not really). I'm posting it here in case anybody finds it useful. Enjoy
  4. You'll need to open the .enex file using some type of plain text editor (TextEdit will work, as will TextMate, MacVim, BBEdit and others). As far as formatting your Excel data, you won't be able to modify the data within the .enex file; when you add a binary file (a non-text-based file, in other words) to Evernote and export that note, the file is written as a byte sequence within the XML file. If you want to bring your Excel data into the body of an Evernote note such that the data is then editable within Evernote, you're probably going to have to key the data in by hand (which may be time-prohibitive, depending upon how much data we're talking about). I just tried copying/pasting from Excel to Evernote and it didn't really work very well. Good luck - sorry I couldn't be of more help!
  5. If you launch the Console.app application (in /Applications/Utilities/) on your Mac before launching Evernote, it will probably spit out a bunch of info about what it's doing (and, possibly, why it's crashing). Give that a try and let us know what it says?
  6. Howdy Friends! Late last week, I published the first version of the new Evernote for Mac User Guide. I was hoping some of our fine forum users might take a look at it and let me know what you think. You can download it here: http://www.evernote.com/about/support/ A couple things to keep in mind: - This guide is a work-in-progress and will be updated fairly regularly. - This is *not* meant to be an exhaustive manual covering every conceivable capability or use of Evernote, but rather a long(er)-form introduction to the fundamental concepts present in the application as well as overviews of the major components and features. The system we've put together for generating these manuals allows us to iterate them pretty quickly, so give me any feedback you have (big or small) and I'll start updating the document, quick-style. Thanks!
  7. Oh, ok - I misunderstood. The web client can't display PDFs in the note preview pane because (as far as I know), it's not possible to render a PDF as part of a larger web page. In other words, the PDF must be rendered and displayed in its own tab/window. I suppose it could be worked around using some type of frame element, but I could be wrong. Cheers!
  8. Hi, author here. Doing the best I can to get this thing out the door, but all of the new feature additions to the desktop clients = more work on the ebook before the update. Everybody who bought it will get the update, so don't worry. Your patience is appreciated!
  9. I'm guessing you've got the PDF display preference set to "As Attachment" in the prefs: Click for large view Change that to "Inline" and it should do what you want/expect. Thanks!
  10. Evernote offers an affiliate program. You can read about it here: http://www.evernote.com/about/affiliate/
  11. No, you can't designate a nesting position when creating a tag. To nest a tag, you must drag it onto what will become it's parent tag and drop it there. You can drag multiple tags by Ctrl+ or Cmd+ clicking the tags you want to move (assuming you're using the Windows or Mac client application).
  12. Most printers offer a "shrink to fit page" option when printing. Assuming the contents of the note aren't substantially larger than a single page, you should be able to make it work using that option.
  13. Here's how I'd do it: Create a stack called "Speaking" (or whatever would be most meaningful) For each of your active engagements, create a notebook with the date of the engagement and the city: 2011-05-18 Dallas Create an "Past Engagements" notebook in your "Speaking" stack. Whenever you completely wrap up an engagement, tag all of the notes in the notebook for that engagement with the name of the notebook, then move it to "Past Engagements". So, if you had 25 notes in your 2011-05-18 Dallas notebook, you'd tag them all with "2011-05-18 Dallas", then move them into Past Engagements. You could get a great deal crazier with it if you so chose, but that's how I'd start, anyway. Good luck
  14. I extended the upgrade period to a year a couple of months ago. I'm hoping to have the new version out soon, probably in a couple of weeks.
  15. Hello (author of Evernote Essentials here - how ya doin'), Once you pay via Paypal, you should receive your download link within a few minutes (I've seen it take as long as an hour, but this is rare). If not, my email address is on nerdgap.com/contact - shoot me a message and I'll get you squared away quick-like!
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