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  1. I think this is a great idea. I know you could argue that you can converse in the note itself but it's not quite the same. Would be nice to be able to have comments on a note that is actually locked for editing. Say ones with important company policies in that you would only want to be actually updated by the relevant HR Manager or whoever.
  2. I have thought about using Google Plus as part of this too. But to be honest I think introducing two new apps for all the staff is just too much to expect to get the necessary traction to be successful.
  3. Can't help there Bill, sure someone will. But interested to hear how it's going? Is it a big unorganised mess yet?!? Thinking of rolling out for over 100 users but concerned that it will quickly spiral into a mess without stacks etc? Cheers, Dan
  4. Shared stacks does seem like an obvious omission - don't quite understand it myself. If they're good enough for individual users then in principle surely they should be there for businesses?!? Thanks for the feedback. Kinda confirmed my feelings. It may be worth a test but it's still difficult to know how it will scale which is the key question. Premium isn't really an option, the 75% Business discount for schools makes it considerably cheaper than individual Premium accounts. With tags is there any way at a business level to tidy them up? Mass deleting or find and replace of similar duplicates?
  5. Hi, Some advice would be welcome. Thinking of investing in Evernote Business but want to be sure it's right for us before investing the finances, and more importantly to begin with the time and effort. I'm a long term user personally and love Evernote Premium. We're a High School with 100+ staff and 800 students. Almost everyone has an iPad. Admin staff have their own PCs. Teachers move from PC to PC. Our existing 'knowledge' is spread over a lot of silos. We have two horribly messy network drives with GBs of documents which stretch over many years. Any sensible file structure has been lost over the years! It's this mess that I really want to tackle first. We use Google Apps. Gmail is used as unofficial storage by most staff. Sending out documents and revisions of documents. Gmail search makes this a better solution than it should be! Google Drive is increasingly used, but not by all. I want a searchable, accessible knowledge storage system. Evernote Business should be perfect for this I think. But we're a school and even at 75% off it's expensive. We'd obviously want some key notebooks with important documentation in it, staff policies, document templates etc.. I'd also like staff to be able to collate resources around topics. A creativity notebook, an iPad notebook, an assessment notebook, data analysis notebook, etc etc.. Again in my head this seems perfect for Evernote Business. Reading through the forums here though I'm getting concerned that this could quickly turn into as big a mess as our current network drives, admittedly with the advantage of being accessible anywhere for our staff and being far more searchable. With no hierarchy and no ability to rename notebooks are we going to quickly end up with hundreds of messy folders where it's hard to find the wheat from the chaff? I'm also thinking of only investing in Business for certain staff who lead teams, then allowing others to use free accounts but to share important notebooks with them. Is this workable or are we going to spend our lives manually sharing folders with staff? Am I also denying the majority of our staff the opportunity to easily share and discover knowledge that might help them in their day job? Students would definitely have to have free accounts. Haven't really thought that through yet as it's not the driving force behind this solution. Such a shame though that an affordable school-wide solution isn't available, would be a great tool for students to have access to. If they do start using Evernote heavily they'll quickly hit the 60Mb limit. It would be the perfect digital portfolio tool for them. Feedback on the staff side of things welcome: 1. In large organisations does it become a disorganised mess of notebooks quickly? 2. Is a mix of Business / Free accounts practical or a logistical nightmare & stymied solution? Thanks
  6. I have been scanning in a number of documents, saved to jpg's and imported into Evernote Windows. These sync to the web fine but often appear as very large, blank images when viewed on the iPhone app. Any idea what's happening here?
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