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  1. So...just to be clear, using any other web-based, or desktop application....with the same (simple, wired, USB) keyboard....the cursor doesn't jump anywhere. This experience happens exclusively with Evernote web.
  2. Generally speaking - I absolutely LOVE Evernote...I've been using it for MANY years, and have far more information (and notebooks, tags, etc) than I can count. I just wanted to say that! Yesterday, I was creating a new note, using Evernote web, on my Mac, in Chrome. As I'm typing...mid-word, it seems like the note might be syncing between the browser and the cloud, and my cursor kept jumping to the top of my note. Repeatedly, I had to keep moving my cursor back down, while I was typing. In fact, there were times when I placed the cursor on the bottom of my note, continued typing
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