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  1. Evernote guys: please, please consider this. Removal of the classic note links as default was a bad enough regression for power users (albeit an understandable choice for others), but making the classic links so hard to get to is a total pain. The best, most mac-like choice would be to make the 'classic note link' available as a 'Note' menu option when the opt key is held (cf Finder Go->Library). That way a user can add their own App Shortcut in System Prefs.
  2. It's crucial that any app that uses notifications allows the user whether or not to accompany those with sounds. All the other apps I use have a notification sound setting. Here's the use case: I want notifications, but I want them asynchronously and silently. I pull down from the top of the screen to see the recent notification queue (that's the asynchronous part), and I don't allow any notifications to ding at me (that's the silent bit). I hate dinging devices, and currently the only dings I get are from Evernote. Setting please!
  3. @jbignert: the new clipper's a great improvement anyway. Thanks.
  4. You're right -- the shortcuts *look* configurable, and I assumed they were without trying, but it seems not. Anyway, it's an improvement.
  5. The latest version (6) of the Safari web clipper has good built-in keyboard support -- ` by default to open the clipper. It's configurable, but non-obviously. When the clipper slides out from the side, find your name at the bottom. Clicking on that shows a context menu, including a 'sections' item from which you can configure all the keyboard shortcuts.
  6. One way to solve that problem would just be to bind all keys to silently clip notes. That way, users would have a constant stream of Evernote notes created for every single computer activity they carry out. Anyway, good to know you're still working on it. Thanks.
  7. I know it's a pain when users assume every little thing is easy, but .. this really is easy! OK, I know you have thousands of "easy" things to try and get done on a heap of platforms, and they all interact, etc, etc. Anyway, many Safari extensions are triggered with keyboard shortcuts (eg. Pocket). Please do look into adding one to the Evernote clipper. Cheers.
  8. I've had a poke around but can't find a place in the web interface to delete my account. If I'm missing something obvious, could someone point it out to me? Thanks.
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news (I'd like subnotebooks or similar too).
  10. And Dave has already politely answered. He was quoted above, but here's a link to the original: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=7385#p28325. EN are not working on subnotebooks (or any other hierarchical means of organisation), and are not currently planning to do so.
  11. For my purposes that would be cumbersome (if I'm correctly following the suggestion). In Zotero (or plain filesystem directories, or anything with hierarchical structures available), all I have to do to work on Chapter 1 of Project X is click on that Chapter 1. That's it. And I easily stay in that context whilst working on chapter 1. Then it's just 1 click to work on the Intro of that project, etc. The ergonomics are good because a truly hierarchical means of organisation fits a hierarchical project.
  12. Ah well, its understandable enough. We invest an awful lot of time in software we use a lot, and it can be frustrating not to have an influence over its direction. In an ideal world I'd dictate my desired feature set, which would change about every 2nd week, to my own personal team of developers. They'd hate me, but be sufficiently well paid to stay with the job.
  13. I think you're confusing listening with obedience. 'No' is a perfectly reasonable response to a feature request.
  14. Yes, the concept of containerhood, which flat tags don't instantiate. Hierarchical tags with independent namespaces, presented via a convenient UI, would suit my needs.
  15. No snarkiness detected (or offense taken). All the (as you say) semantics aside, I think we know from Dave's posts here, along with recent announcements of priorities, that EN's organisational facilities are just not going to change fundamentally in the foreseeable future. So there's little point in more petitioning. Those of us who find a tag-only approach less than adequate either have to use something else, or work around the limitations. I use a combination of both (zotero for projects, EN for misc capture and storage). Suggestions for workarounds and enhancements using tags (like stuart
  16. One serious problem with flat tags is that they exist in one namespace. An example: it's a trivial issue with any hierarchical organisational system to have multiple instances of 'Chapter 1' or 'Introduction'. That's also the most natural way to express collections for the Chapter 1 or Introduction of several different projects. But it's impossible with flat tags. Tags are useful. Hierarchical containers are useful. Each can to some extent be used in place of the other in some situations. But they are fundamentally and formally distinct. I suspect I'm not the only person here who knows per
  17. Well, I find Dave's comment's clear unless someone insists on a 'never' rather than just a 'no' (and I can't think where you'd get that). If you look back at the context I had asked him to clarify so that people could either decide to use alternative tools where necessary, or just adapt to tags. I found his statement enough to convince me on a pragmatic level that it wasn't worth waiting for any hierarchical means of organisation, so I use a different tool now for projects, restricting EN for miscellaneous capture and search. In general, I don't agree that software companies have any particul
  18. I think Dave Engberg's made it pretty clear here that there are not going to be subnotebooks. In their absence I agree that having the facility to automatically apply parent tags would be good.
  19. Well I might be able to save you some time: zotero doesn't have hyperlinks, so mightn't be any use to you if you need those. It's primarily geared towards academics and researchers, and makes it easy to create a database of references with associated notes. As a standalone note-taker it does have a bit going for it, in that it has both a folder hierarchy and tags, but being a firefox add-on is slower and has a rougher feel as a note editor than does EN. It does have a web sync facility, though the web side of it is as yet very rudimentary. In an ideal world, I'd use Zotero for references and E
  20. Can I ask what you move them to? I haven't found a perfect solution yet for my own notes (as opposed to captured odds and ends, for which EN is perfect), though Zotero comes the closest of anything I've found so far.
  21. crane: yours is a very similar tale to mine, actually. I've been through a couple of iterations of trying to use Evernote for my project-related stuff, and always found it just too hard to keep a consistent form of organisation. Like you, I for a while even had notes reminding me of the tagging scheme to use within my projects. But that was a pain to keep maintained, and, in the end, a silly way to have to use a tool. My solution is structurally similar to yours: I use Evernote as my immediate dump for everything, and as a permanent store for lots of disconnected stuff; but I use a different
  22. Well, the really crucial difference is that real-world containers can have hierarchy. The lack of this in Evernote could be fixed either by having subnotebooks or hierarchical tags, but certainly not (as Dave seems to have suggested a couple of times in the forums) by simulation via the current flat tag system (notwithstanding the fake hierarchical GUI fig-leaf). A good example of what you can't do with Evernote: have a series of Projects, each with a 'refs' section. Yes, you could have 'ProjectX' and 'refs' tags, but then to assign something to ProjectA's refs, you have to tag twice. You don
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