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  1. That is like telling someone to switch to another car if he cannot reach a certain street. The blank screen on the web version is a long-time, ongoing issue. It is a significant problem that occurs in different browsers and on a variety to PCs.
  2. The Web Clipper still shows ostensibly 'related content' after each clip, even though the option to do so has been deselected. [Version: in latest version of Chrome.] This is useless and annoying.
  3. It probably is, but I don't like it. When I select an option to switch something off I expect it to be off. The splash screen is like a door-to-door salesperson who won't take "no" for an answer.
  4. In Web Clipper options I have selected: "Automatically close clipper." I have deselected: "Show successful clip dialog without Related notes." Still, on every clip the clipper shows me supposedly 'Related Notes' for a few seconds before closing automatically. How can I get rid of that feature? For me it is useless and annoying.
  5. The web clipper continues to show allegedly 'related notes' — regardless of which options I select. Yes, I have the correct settings. No, they do not work. I still see a second-long 'flash' of these so-called 'related notes.' I do not want to see 'related notes'. The feature is useless to me. Rather, it is annoying. When will this be fixed?
  6. Say Evernote, I still see a flash of allegedly 'related notes' just before the Clipper closes. Why? That is a completely useless feature for me. I do not want so-called 'related notes' -- not even a flash.
  7. This is the settings I use. And yes, it is that flash of related notes I referred to. It is unnecessary and annoying.
  8. Why does the Web Clipper insist on showing me so-called 'Related Notes' after each clipping. It does so regardless of which settings I select in Options. Why? This annoying feature is useless to me. I have 50.000+ notes. Evernote does not know which ones are 'related' to what I am clipping -- nor do I want to know unless and until I search for them myself.
  9. Why does Evernote insist on breaking something useful with nearly every update? Is the company in trouble? As a paying customer I have the right know. I no longer feel certain that my notes are in good hands. After all, there appear to be very few -- if any -- internal control processes that would prevent buggy updates. In the latest case some hack decided to mess up the Chrome Web Clipper. My top complaints about the current version: Bring back the notes field Bring back the alphabetized list of notebooks For CRYING OUT LOUD: Stop showing me related notes. They are useless. They display regardless of which options I select I am, for now, still a paying customer. But I'm actively looking for an Evernote alternative.
  10. Thanks, but I'm talking about the Evernote Web Clipper extension for Chrome. Not matter what options I select, it continues to show me 'Related Notes' after each clip. I'm a paying Evernote customer who is getting fed up with the fact that almost each update breaks something or adds something unwanted. I simply want to clip whatever I want to clip, without the Web Clipper showing me any related notes.
  11. Why does Evernote's Webclipper insist on showing me Related Notes with each clip? The options are: [] Show successful clip dialog [] Show successful clip dialog without Related notes [] Automatically close Clipper I have selected the last option, but see Related Notes anyway. I do not want to select one of the other options, because I also do not want to see a successful clip dialog.
  12. I just noticed that the program also does not save my '1 hour' preference. When I got back to Tools|Options|Synchronization the Synchronize Automatically box has reverted to '30 minutes.' This also is the case when I run the program with administrator privileges.
  13. The only thing I have checked is 'Synchronize changes on exit.' I just tried setting 'Synchronize Automatically' -- set to 1 hour -- and then restarted the program. It still syncs right after I use the web clipper (Chrome extension).
  14. My Windows EN (on Windows 10 creators update) syncs all the time. In options | synchronization the only thing I have checked is 'Synchronize changes on exit.' What do I need to do to have EN synchronize changes only on demand?
  15. Starting today I suddenly see a section of 'Related Notes' whenever I clip something with the Evernote Webclipper for Chrome. That is a useless feature for me, and I find it distracting. How can I get rid of it? In options I have not selected 'Related results.'
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