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  1. Have you tried to scan the document in WITHOUT OCR turned on in the Brother software?
  2. When I add a picture and then click on the Format | Hyperlink option and then add the URL and then save my settings, there is no icon when you hover over the picture. The hyperlink works, but there is no visual cue as to whether the picture is a hyperlink.
  3. PInkElephant I recognize that this is hard stuff from an engineering standpoint, but this is being done with other Notebook Applications like Joplin. I am just trying to find out what are the engineering obstacles that are preventing Evernote from implementing Notebook Encryption from an Evernote employee.
  4. DTlow, I would prefer to have a different password for my encrypted Notebook or Notes. If I'm not mistaken Evernote can recover your authentication password to log into your account. I don't want this capability for my encrypted notes. If I forget my Master Password for my Notebook or Notes, then that is on me.
  5. I have been test driving Saferoom which is an App that can be used to encrypt one's notes in Evernote and it is a very nice implementation. This product has been available for several years and I'm scratching my head as to why Evernote cannot natively implement something like Saferoom in its program. If they don't want to start from scratch, why not purchase the Saferoom code or hire the key engineers that are responsible for Saferoom's software. The implementation that I would like to see incorporated into Evernote is to have a Notebook Encryption option where all one would have to do is
  6. There is nothing within this file that needs to be encrypted as it is currently conceived.
  7. Thanks to all that responded .... bummer that I can't do what I wanted to do, but it appears there are a couple of workarounds. I'll start with a few screen shots and see, if that is enough to get people going. If not I may have to take the route of gazumped's recommendation.
  8. I have an Evernote file that I have created for my Notary Public business and I want to share the structure of this file with other Notaries Public. I want to remove my personal data, but want to keep saved searches and tags and notebooks. Is this possible?
  9. DTLow, I tried the quotes and it doesn't work. I see both notes synchronized on my phone so they are there, and the Tags are there, but the search will not work...... After some sync delay and removing an extra space after the tag: "xxx" to tag:"xxx" things appear to be working. I see both of my test notes after running the appropriate shortcut. Thanks for the syntax help. I will dig into the help file and make sure that I'm not spinning my wheels in the future. What's weird is that the Desktop version doesn't appear to care about the extra space or the Tag / tag syntax.
  10. DTLow, I will try what you suggest, but the search is working just fine on my Desktop without the quotes. I'll report back in a moment with your suggestion.
  11. I have created a tagged search on my Windows 10 Desktop version of Evernote and it works just fine. When I invoke the same saved shortcut on my Android Phone (LG G7), it returns nothing. The saved query is: Tag: Unpaid Invoices Tag: Paid Invoices Paid Invoices and Unpaid Invoices are a saved Tag.
  12. The workflow identified in the link above is exactly what I was looking for. I was able to setup an Import Folder within Evernote which is monitored by Evernote. It is then up to me to move the scanned document to its final destination after review. Thanks for the link.
  13. Yeah, there doesn't appear to be a method to specify the Evernote folder that the scans go to.
  14. What folder do you store your Encrypted Notes In? Is this folder backed up to the Cloud when a Sync is done?
  15. I have a new Snapscan S1300i with the Snapscan Organizer running. After a scan using Snapscan, I am presented with the option to Scan to Evernote. The process proceeds without any errors, but the scanned document will be placed into the Evernote folder that has focus at the present time. I have a default folder setup within Evernote which is called 01Import, but if 01Import is NOT selected within Evernote, the scan will go into whatever folder has focus. Is there a way to resolve this issue?
  16. I am using Saferoom 1.4 on Windows 10 with the latest version of Evernote. Can someone point me to best practices for backing up Saferoom's Local folders and Evernote's database? Is it necessary to backup the Evernote database?
  17. I'm still using one of my templates in Ecco Pro to manage the projects that I work on. However, I like the ability to dump data of any kind from multiple locations into Evernote and be able to view that same data via different Evernote interfaces. I think what the power users of Evernote are looking for is a way to enter data ONCE in a folder of their choosing (hopefully with a minimal level of inheritance) with some kind of structure/hierarchy that mimics their VIEW of how data should be stored. Once this data has been entered into the appropriate folder, TAGS can be used to cross pollinate a
  18. I would like to add my vote for inheritance of some type within Evernote 3.x. I would like it to be done using Tags, but recognize that the Folders option might be another way to get the same functionality. Inheritance is just natural. If I managed a region of the country, and wanted to one click add a document or note that would be assigned to each zone, then it would take one assignment, if the document was at the top level of the heirarchy. However, if I placed the same document (tag) in a child item, then this item would only be assigned at the child level and parent level. For example, I
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