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  1. Why doesn't the message show in chronological order on the General Questions page. I posted the message today and can't find it on the first page. I see messages from yesterday posted on the first page and that's why I thought the message was deleted.
  2. I posted a thread earlier today about Linux Workflow and kind find the post. Does Evernote not allow any discussion about Linux on the forum?
  3. Just wanted to know how users on a Linux machine are using Evernote. It appears that the only option is to enter things via the web interface, but there is no way to automatically clip information to the Web Interface. Am I correct in my assessment. I would appreciate any tips from other Linux users. I can't get a reliable version of Evernote to run on my Laptop via Playonlinux of Wine.
  4. I have several note taking apps on my Ipad including Penultimate and I have found that this is the one that I don't use that often. It does not have a recording option as Notabiltiy and Notes Plus have and I also like the ability to draw vector graphics by hand on Notes Plus. The ability to draw a circle or a rectangle free hand and have the software automatically correct the shape for you is awesome to have in an app. Notes Plus has the ability to export to iTunes, email, Dropbox, Google Docs or as a PDF. Notability allows syncing directly to Dropbox in pdf format. I wish Evernote would have selected a richer feature set as the APP to use for seamless intergration with Evernote.
  5. I want Google Search to work with Evernote. This has been asked for many times, but it seems to just get ignored.
  6. One thing I forgot to add is that it appears the only file type that Evernote can deal with via the Sendto option is PDF. I believe the Evernote team plans on addressing this in a future release.
  7. You can do the Sendto option already in Windows, by searching for the Sendto folder and then creating an Evernote shortcut which is copied to the Sendto folder.
  8. I just stumbled across a product that Microsoft is working on called Thumbtack. It's not up to Evernote's capabilities in my opinion, but they have implemented something called Collections, which I'm playing with right now. It also allows one to Share Notebooks on the Web and has a clipping tool that can be used in the same fashion as the Evernote Clipper tool. Here's the url http://thumbtack.livelabs.com/FAQ.aspx
  9. I'm still using one of my templates in Ecco Pro to manage the projects that I work on. However, I like the ability to dump data of any kind from multiple locations into Evernote and be able to view that same data via different Evernote interfaces. I think what the power users of Evernote are looking for is a way to enter data ONCE in a folder of their choosing (hopefully with a minimal level of inheritance) with some kind of structure/hierarchy that mimics their VIEW of how data should be stored. Once this data has been entered into the appropriate folder, TAGS can be used to cross pollinate a data element across multiple fields, which can then be used in your search engine with the necessary tagging to find said data.
  10. Yes it appears to be a refresh issue on the mobile client. Even though I logged out and logged back in couple of times on my Blackberry, it did not refresh my notes list until I manually refreshed. I can't say whether it was a coincendence that the refresh got the item to show or as I was just not patient enough. I am using the /m version on my Blackberry. One other side note, I have to enter my login and password twice on my blackberry to get into the mobile client.
  11. I am using ReQall to send voice notes to my Evernote account. As I'm writing this email, I see the note on my desktop and web accounts, but don't see the same message on my Blackberry when I access Evernote. What is the reason for the time differential between the various platforms?
  12. I would like to add my vote for inheritance of some type within Evernote 3.x. I would like it to be done using Tags, but recognize that the Folders option might be another way to get the same functionality. Inheritance is just natural. If I managed a region of the country, and wanted to one click add a document or note that would be assigned to each zone, then it would take one assignment, if the document was at the top level of the heirarchy. However, if I placed the same document (tag) in a child item, then this item would only be assigned at the child level and parent level. For example, If I manage zone's A, B, C and D and add a note IMPLICITLY to Zone D (tag), then a search of the database would only show this note in the Parent Folder (Manager Tag) AND the the Zone D (tag). However, if I remove the note from Zone D's tag and IMPLICITLY add this same note to the Top Level Manager tag, then this same note would be inherited by all of the children of the Manager tag. There are times, when notes implicitly added to a child item, should not be inherited by its siblings, however a parent Tag should at all times know about notes within each Child Tag. This is the behavior that I'd like to see in a future version of Evernote.
  13. I have been test driving Evernote 3.0 on my U3 drive and things seem to be working just fine. However, I noticed that some of the other programs that I have running on my U3 drive are outdated. When I am prompted to upgrade the software, will the software upgrade to the latest U3 version of the program or will it try to load the latest and greatest regardless to where it should be run from? I am running Firefox, but I'm running a 3.x version of Firefox from my Laptop's harddrive.
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