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  1. Yep, it's unchecked because *I* had to uncheck it. 1) Why does Evernote re-enable everything every time the clipper is updated. I use 3 different PCs and a couple of laptops. That's 5 times I get the joy of seeing all these web and PDF related popups, usually multiple times before it finally stops. If I have a bunch of tabs open, and I relaunch Chrome (it updates regularly you know), then I get these popups on several of the tabs (but not all of them). 2) How do you get rid of the web related popup (try our new clipper, it's amazing!)? There is no option that I can see. How abou
  2. The best thing that Evernote (the company) does is to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Great idea and product, ruined by terrible product manager decisions.
  3. Stop showing all the popups every time you update the web clipper!! I use multiple computers so I am constantly being bombarded by these incredibly frustrating popups. It's so frustrating to be tied to an app that you love, but that you would also really like to quit because the product managers are so inconsiderate of their users.
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