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  1. Yep, it's unchecked because *I* had to uncheck it. 1) Why does Evernote re-enable everything every time the clipper is updated. I use 3 different PCs and a couple of laptops. That's 5 times I get the joy of seeing all these web and PDF related popups, usually multiple times before it finally stops. If I have a bunch of tabs open, and I relaunch Chrome (it updates regularly you know), then I get these popups on several of the tabs (but not all of them). 2) How do you get rid of the web related popup (try our new clipper, it's amazing!)? There is no option that I can see. How about a setting "Do not EVER under ANY circumstances show me a popup again". I betcha we will never get that. Dear Evernote: please please please stop annoying and frustrating your loyal PAYING users!
  2. The best thing that Evernote (the company) does is to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Great idea and product, ruined by terrible product manager decisions.
  3. Stop showing all the popups every time you update the web clipper!! I use multiple computers so I am constantly being bombarded by these incredibly frustrating popups. It's so frustrating to be tied to an app that you love, but that you would also really like to quit because the product managers are so inconsiderate of their users.
  4. Any kind of popup on my computer crosses an extremely bold red line. This is completely unacceptable behaviour, and in retrospect will be seen by Evernote management as a serious misstep. I don't mind Evernote nagging me (let's call it what it is) when I open / actively use the app. But having popups just appear while I'm in the middle of my work... that is what malware does to a computer. Evernote: what are you thinking?! I am a very reasonable person, but this is unbelievable. And by the way, I fully agree with @SebR above: the nag is pointless. For someone that uses tiny amounts of bandwidth and storage, what is the point of being nagged to upgrade if the features are just not needed/wanted? Be honest about the service provided, and if you can't survive financially by giving things away for free, then change the model! I don't want to reward a company for putting popups on my desktop. I want to reward them for providing value and being a great company that I am proud to give my money to.
  5. Indeed, the problem is that I am seeing comments from old posts in the feed. I am subscribed to: http://blog.evernote.com/feed/ I use Google Reader, see included screenshot: Cheers!!
  6. Dear Evernote Sysadmins, Please fix the Evernote blog RSS feed. Thank you. =)
  7. I disabled automatic synchronisation, and the problem hasn't occurred in the two or three days since I changed it, so it would appear to be a strong suspect. Not really. I have the Firefox clipper installed, but I just find the HTML capture too poor. It may capture the raw information, but the presentation is usually pretty bad. I end up selecting text, copying and pasting into Evernote. Ha!! Amazing! That's great, it's pretty useful! My confidence is restored. By disabling auto-synchronisation I've managed to sidestep the 100% CPU bug, and the screen capture is pretty good. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the reply. The freezing is far from the only bug I have experienced; rather, it is only the latest, exarcebated by the new behaviour of Evernote never quitting. About a week after I first found out about and installed Evernote 3 (maybe three or four months ago), I submitted a long list of bugs to the website (via a feedback form). I never got any response (that'll teach me for taking the time to offer feedback), and in the intervening months not a single thing on that list has been fixed. There would've been perhaps 20 bugs, all fairly significant; to be fair, a lot of them were related to the editor which I know you are trying to replace. Unfortunately I didn't keep the list, otherwise I would post it here again. Re. 100% CPU utilisation, for what it's worth: I have a Dell XPS M1330 laptop, with Vista Business, 4GB of RAM. Software I have running all the time: NOD32 anti-virus Jungle Disk Skype Windows Live Messenger PureText (a clipboard utility) Firefox Re. clipper: two main problems in my view. One, in general, HTML capture is very poor, almost unusable. I hardly use this function because it mangles websites so much. Evernote obviously has its own HMTL engine, but it is missing too much functionality, and so I never use it. Two, screen capture is too fiddly. Instead of showing a bounding box that I then have to resize by its corners, what you should present is a cross-hair cursor that I can drag over the area I want to capture, and as soon as I release the mouse the capture is done. I should also have several screen capture options like entire screen, window, active window, etc. For screenshots I currently use SnagIt and paste into Evernote. Re. caps-lock twice: if I go to hit the A key and instead accidentally hit the caps-lock key, I immediately hit caps-lock again to unset caps-lock. See the problem? Evernote kicks in, takes over the actual caps-lock function (it seems to either disable it completely or reverse it), pops up the capture notification, takes focus away from what I was doing... Incredibly jarring and frustrating. Cheers!
  9. This is still not fixed; twice in the last couple of days it has happened to me -- I come back from suspend, and Evernote consumes 100% of one core (I have a dual core laptop). I have to force kill evernote.exe, and even then it that takes a good minute to take effect. What's worse is that the recent release of Evernote now essentially runs all the time. I have to explicitly go to the Application menu and select Exit; clicking on the X button in the upper right corner just minimises Evernote to the tray. Please give me options, don't *force* me into a single way of operating. I don't want the clipper running all the time, it is far too basic and buggy to be of any use to me. And while I'm here ranting, caps-Lock twice is a terrible idea for a keyboard shortcut. By about 15 minutes after I'd installed the updated version of Evernote I'd already disabled that shortcut. There can't be any real world testing being performed on these releases with glaringly obvious issues like this in what is theoretically a minor update. Please, fix the existing bugs before implementing new features! I really want to love Evernote, and I ADORE it in principle, but man the bugs are starting to get to me. Sorry for the tone of the email, I just feel frustrated that I've managed to get myself hooked on a concept with such patchy execution (some things are really good), no visible improvement in terms of bug fixes (none of the ones that affect me anyway), and to top it all off, the company seems to spend an inordinate amount of time promoting Evernote (fair enough) when I would love it if that time and effort was spent fixing bugs. At the end of the day I'm "just a user" so perhaps you don't care, but I hope you will take my post as genuine feedback.
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