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  1. While I like you enthusiasm, unfortunately a survey like this is going to attract a passionate self selected group who care enough about the difference with 4 and 5 to spend time on the survey so may not be valid data.
  2. Looks like everything's okay then. Great!
  3. It appears everyone's evernote user name and password may be vulnerable due to a massive bug in commonly used internet server software. https://lastpass.com/heartbleed/?h=evernote.com https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2014/04/heartbleed.html I assume Evernote will be making a statement on this soon...
  4. As I have posted countless times on the board (including this thread), exporting to enex file is NOT intended as a backup method. Instead, it is a way to either get your info out of Evernote (should you decide to leave) or move notes from one account to another. This is NOT the same thing as backing up your Evernote database so you have something to restore from should your hard drive crash or you get a new computer. It's certainly your choice to elect to make exporting to enex as your "backup" method of choice. But anyone who relies upon an enex file as a backup method will most likely be very disappointed, should they ever need to use it. It's much better to use a true backup so you don't have to worry about notebooks (since enex files don't retain this info) & don't have to use up your upload limits. (Because when you import from enex & then sync, the newly imported notes (that are in sync'd notebooks) are considered "new" notes & will go against your monthly upload limit. When you restore from a true backup, then you don't have this issue.) For these reasons, I'm pretty sure EN will not ever include it (export as enex) as a backup method or expand on what already exists. I completely disagree with what Burgers just said. I've had so called "TRUE" Evernote database backups fail to load from backup in later versions of the software. I put them in the directory, the program crashed rather than opening the database. For that matter I've had ENEX backups fail to import back into the software. (In fairness I reported that bug and it was fixed) I would backup with both methods- the ENEX export and the physical backup of the database. Evernote isn't really all that reliable that you can just copy the database and trust it'll open 3 years later in Evernote version 8 or whatever. (For that matter I'd make a backup of the current executable just in case)
  5. I don't think they are going to bring back thumbnail view, because they want the windows version to look more like Evernote on IOS. And Evernote employees are always talking about how much they love Apple and "design" so clearly features must be removed to make Evernote windows more like an IOS app.
  6. Make sure internet explorer works. (Not Firefox or any other browser) Unless things have changed in version 5 Evernote uses Internet explorer to connect on windows.
  7. If you read this review you'll see some apps support Windows 8.1 200% scaling and some do not. Presumably Evernote should redesign their interface to implement 8.1 200% scaling support: ".
  8. BurgersNFries is correct, you'll need to use a computer running windows, you need to open the database file and export to enex, which the mac can then open . (Or possibly something like Crossover office if Evernote windows is compatible with it, I think it might be but you'll have to look into it) You could also maybe do a trial version of parallels with a trial version of windows 8- but that would be a huge time sync, best to just borrow a friends windows pc if you don't own one.
  9. Oh well. I guess I'll have to revert to my standard update policy: "Wait at least 2 weeks after any/all updates to determine if users are reporting significant issues before even downloading the update even for testing purposes." It's a new feature. You won't miss it, because it wasn't there for you! I wouldn't worry too much. Everything else seems to be running fine. True but this does make me a little paranoid about what bugs could slip in between versions... I think I'll start doing time machine backups before upgrading to a new version.
  10. Same here, I got the auto update and updated, and presentation mode just displays a blank window. (Didn't try it with an additional monitor- but if it needs a second monitor it shouldn't be opening a blank window should it?) This is really unprofessional. I doubt there's anything esoteric about my system (Mountain Lion, 2012 Macbook Air) and it seems Evernote didn't beta test this feature at all, did they? I guess there could be a software conflict with something on my system but I guess all of Evernote's users are now beta testers.
  11. Yes... that's a disadvantage of Evernote. It doen't work the same way dropbox does, which is both good and bad. At any rate, if you wanted to pull all of the PDF's out of Evernote in native format, for example, you could do an html export of all notes and then do a windows desktop search in the exported folder for *.pdf and then cut and paste the results, which should be all your PDFs, into a folder on your computer. I think there's also a way to right click a note and "save attachments" in Evernote but I don't know if it works with more than one note selected off hand.
  12. I just tested it and this works for me with the EzPDF being selected as the app to edit the PDF. It gives you the choice whether to annotate the original or make a copy and I chose to annotate the original. It seems to work.
  13. I had an issue where my notes on a local windows version of Evernote were in a different notebook than the online version. The notes were still online on the web version, they were just in different notebooks due to a syncing bug. This I resolved by 1) Confirming all my notes were online and there were no local offline notebooks. (, It never hurts to first make an ENEX export backup just in case something goes wrong) 2) Going to the windows directory where the database is (It's listed in Evernote settings somewhere and there's a link there to the folder, I think) 3) Closing Evernote 4) Going edit cut edit paste to remove the database files from the Evernote folder and put it somewhere else 5) Opening Evernote and redownloading the database- Evernote will make a new database as it syncs your files. 6) After confirming that all notes have been redownloaded and Evernote is functioning properly, the backup you moved via cut and paste can be deleted
  14. Is there a way just to search within a stack in the Mac client? I could do it on the old 3.3 version, but I just upgraded to the most recent version of Evernote Mac and I only see an option to search within notebooks, not stacks.
  15. Card mode on Mac sucks for viewing images. Please don't duplicate this design on upcoming version of the Windows program. This is what images look like on the Mac interface: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/08b25a17-56bc-42c6-8b6e-a79fcc8bc3bc/832c6f611339c5816adba8fd84cbaa58 This is the current Windows interface: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/df37b878-9a7d-4b8a-8ae2-2cc91615f99b/d1e4426d537bc1992ab845eaccf9f6f0 As you can see, the cards give a terrible view on the mac of the whole image, chopping off part of the picture. The thumbnail view is the far superior option for notes consisting of images.
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