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  1. Yes... that's a disadvantage of Evernote. It doen't work the same way dropbox does, which is both good and bad. At any rate, if you wanted to pull all of the PDF's out of Evernote in native format, for example, you could do an html export of all notes and then do a windows desktop search in the exported folder for *.pdf and then cut and paste the results, which should be all your PDFs, into a folder on your computer. I think there's also a way to right click a note and "save attachments" in Evernote but I don't know if it works with more than one note selected off hand.
  2. I think I've tried to use Nevernote twice in WIndows 7 (tried it once, tried it several months later) and I also had the very large database size, program does not finish the sync, database is corrupted problem. Pretty much gave up on it at this point. If I recall correctly, the program didn't give an error message and simply failed to open again after the database was corrupted.
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