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  1. I appreciate the effort, honestly I do. You managed to create a Gmail integration in the sidebar before Google even added their contacts to it. But it's just clunky. The first thing I want to do is be able to search for note *content* in that side bar that I may need to add to an email...I don't want to give them access to the whole note. In fact, It would be rare that I would share my notes with anyone, because they're mostly notes I take during client meetings, etc. Similarly, I may not want to save the WHOLE email. I may want to just highlight a portion and add it to a new or existing
  2. That’s crazy because I have been using the Mac desktop version for years with no issues. Now, don’t get me started about the Windows version. That is a certified piece of junk. Have you tried exporting some notes first, or importing to Notion one notebook at a time? I’m about to try this over the weekend and will report back on my progress.
  3. @MRWConnected Are you using a desktop version? If so, is it Windows or Mac?
  4. I've decided to take the plunge and see, if indeed, Notion is viable. I played with it before, but this time, I'm going to dive in, and actively try to use it as a tool in my Daily business. I'll report back and let you know what I find. For the purposes of this test, I'm not going to do an Evernote import (I have thousands and thousands of notes). Instead, at some point, I will import just one of my notebooks (which looks like how you're supposed to do it anyway). This has alerted me to the fact that I need to go in and clean out/sort my "Inbox Notes" into notebooks and get rid of the ju
  5. Sorry, I played with Notion a bit. Frankly it’s a mess that you have to make order of to get it to work the way you work. Who has time for that? Great idea, but like @jefito said, the power and flexibility of search is missing on import. Evernote serves a specific purpose for me. Random bits of info that are at my fingertips when I need them. That’s all I need. Notion tries to be all things, but it’s not great at any of them, unless you put the time in to make it that way. And like I said....
  6. Like many of you, I have often strayed to search out other solutions that could compare to EN. I have never found anything that comes close. Only lesser, more buggy solutions, or overly-complicated web apps that claim to be simple but baffle expert users--like me. I switched to a Mac back in 2013 and never looked back. What I realized immediately is that the Evernote team at that time must definitely all work on Macs. The interface was much slicker (although less customizable), and the cursor and lag bugs of Windows were gone. In fact, just this past year, when I booted up my old PC
  7. Thanks, @DTLow. I'll spend sometime catching up with that this weekend if I can. Your guidance on this subject and all the work is much appreciated.
  8. Would love to know what kind of scripts you've put together. I'm new to Apple Script, but will be learning more about it - especially since Mojave will let you pin them to the finder window.
  9. I went Mac bac in 2014, but still have a production machine for testing. I was surprised at difference between the Mac & PC desktop apps. The PC version was definitely buggy, duplicating notes and doing other strange stuff. I deleted it on the PC and just use the online version there.
  10. Dear Evernote : I'm not going anywhere. I just ask that Spaces and password protection be made available to ALL premium users. Fast track feature development for ALL users, not just teams. Get creative. Surprise us. You've been a success tool for me since 2004. Let's take EN to the next level. I'll wait. ?
  11. I don't actually sign out of Evernote on iOS. I just close the app. When I reopen the app, it requires the 4 digit passcode I set up for it. The latest version allows me to use Touch ID to get in. I think this is a premium feature. But it requests the password every time upon reopen. >>Although its not available in Evernote, there is a password timeout setting you can specify on the Mac. I guess I never even thought about the Mac (screen) password. Suddenly it makes me want to make it more than just a 4 digit number. LOL But that would work. <Question> If you
  12. I wish someone would just do something. I just want the ability to password protect Evernote on my Mac exactly the way they do it on iOS. You don't enter the password, you don't get to see the notes. And give us the opportunity to set a timeout when the password will be required again. What is so hard about this? I'm not asking for encryption. I just want someone to not be able to get in.
  13. I really want to solve the first time search hang problem in Evernote's Windows client.

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