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  1. I'm necessarily even asking for a date, just confirmation that it's to come. Place "collapsable notes/sub-notes" under a "to come" section (or mention it anywhere officially, really) and I'd be glad.
  2. Could Product please commit to putting this on the roadmap at least? This is a basic word-app function, which Evernote still doesn't have. It would be a significant Quality of Life improvement and I'd much rather that than anything else I've seen rolled out in the new EN over the past few months. P.S. I'd also like if the UI could restore the snapping functionality of the older EN, pre-rework. Personally, I prefer function over form.
  3. So, I don't think my issue is any worse than it used to be regarding syncing. In the last couple days I've had the issue of amending a note on an offline device, then not syncing before I make amendments on another device, plus an instance where I've got a note open in it's own window and then in the EN main window - not realising I've updated them individually. This caused an issue with versions - although I was prompting warned there's an issue it would have been most helpful if it highlighted the differences. That's a future request though. It worked fine as it is - it just took me longer than usual to find the Note Info, as you can only get to it via the "..." Cheers,
  4. Have we been told why Sync has been axed? I appreciate they're rebuilding EN, and interviews with Ian Small give me confidence that we're going to see much improvement over the coming months, but I would like to know the reasons behind it - they might convince me it's the better choice. All I know is that I've been using it in the past to ensure my changes are saved, i.e. I may open/close a task within a few seconds at times, and to ensure the version I want is saved - I use the Sync button and see that it's done. Since doing this I've had fewer mishaps requiring me to dive into older versions. Cheers,
  5. The more info we can easily manage within Evernote, the more info we'll be able to get into Evernote and into the searchable database. Evernote's really missing a trick here. Remember to up-vote by clicking the arrow in the top-left corner of this page :)!
  6. Upvoted. My to-do list is a mess. I would very much like to collapse tasks so that their sub-tasks/notes are hidden - then I could also re-order them with ease for the day or week, expanding them as necessary. Other features are great (drag-and-drop re-ordering for a start) but I can't drag-drop points to any location, as if the line directly above where I'm dropping a point is more indented than the one I'm moving, it will inherit the same indent. Best left alone for now. Admittedly I've not yet dived into the new beta release which includes one mention of "New to-do lists. Recognize at a glance which to-do list items need your attention." though at first glance it seems to be referring to tighter format options and more highlight-options. If only Evernote would add collapsing/expanding to lists, it would demo much better to clients who want to organise tasks or projects within. I have 3 screens and still find Evernote desperately needs collapsible lists.
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