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  1. Please, no gaslighting. Notes did NOT need to by synced before, which is the way it should be. You could still read and edit your notes, knowing any changes wouldn't be synced (reasonable). You shouldn't be locked out of your notes because you accidently pasted a few images that were too large (unreasonable). Attached you'll see an interest in Evernote over time. These types of policies result in 1) People leaving and 2) People NEVER recommending the program to their peers. As such, Evernote is dying.
  2. I am literally sitting here having to manually recreate notes, because once you go over the file size limit, the original note is effectively locked. Not un-synced (reasonable) but artificially locked. If you think that is a good design decision, you are not a reasonable person. Before, notes just wouldn't sync. Now they become unusable. Completely different.
  3. Yes, this is gaslighting. It's a limitation that was arbitrarily added recently. As I said, before if it a note was too big, it just wouldn't sync. Fine. Now, if a note is too big, you can't even edit it to decrease it's size to make it compliant. Also, my notes don't even load anymore. So I can't even "copy paste" them into a few smaller notes. These are calculated moves to cripple the program in order to get more subscribers. And despite having a subscription for various stretches of time in the past, I'm never doing it again, as it seems their goal is to lock you in so you can never leave, customer goodwill be damned. It is RIDICULOUS for a program to have the following design: You accidently made a note too large. Now you have to spend minutes/hours going through it and copying and pasting it into a new note to get below the size limit. Ridiculous. It wasn't a part of the program in 2013. It shouldn't be part of the program in 2023. Check out how upset everyone is, not just me. https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/top/?t=month Also, you can see in real time how this program is dying. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&geo=US&q=evernote&hl=en You think anyone is going out there recommending Evernote to anyone? Of course not. Everyone who isn't locked in is leaving. And those locked in would never recommend it to anyone else.
  4. I don't like gaslighting. In the old versions of evernote, if a note got too big, it just wouldn't sync. It wouldn't prevent you from making it smaller. Now, the only way to fix the note is to buy a subscription.
  5. So you can no longer edit notes that are too large. They are "view only". I could understand if they didn't sync. But to lock them? You gotta be kidding. I can't even edit and remove photos/files from the note to make them smaller. They're locked!
  6. I am having this same problem. I am losing many images that I copied into the program. It is starting to get problematic, because probably 1/50 images eventually become lost and are replaced with this lost image icon. Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm using the Windows desktop program.
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