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  1. I received a reply from Karin saying the dev team believes they found a bug and resolved the issue in the next version of the Windows client. I'm quite pleased with the reply. I found it quite a concerning issue, which shook my faith in the product. The loss had the potential to be a lot more distressing. I'm impressed with Evernotes reply and action in implementing a fix though. Will continue to use the product and give it a go. Thanks kgg, Karin & co.
  2. Thanks kgg I noticed that email came through. Thankfully it wasnt incredibly important info in the note in question and I had the backup. But it is a concerning issue now thst I've started to use evernote on a daily basis for study, so would be good to get to the bottom of it so I can trust my data will get saved correctly.
  3. Yep, gone in the web vesrsion too DTLow. Thanks kgg. I'm looking at the history now. There's 7 versions, two from today, one from 7 days ago and four from 8 days ago. Anything further back than the two from today only seem to have about 25% of my note text and therefore missing everything. The two recent vesions have everything, but a huge number of the images are showing as broken image icons. All images were saved in the last week or so, I can't remember what days exactly. It doesn't look like they saved or synced correctly. It's weird though, as they
  4. About half of the images from one of my notes are missing. A ton of screenshots I took and pasted into the note. They're showing the broken image icon you sometimes see on websites. How can I fix this please? I tried googling and the results it suggested looking at your history to restore the note, but that option is for premium members only! Thanks
  5. This is happening for me on Windows 10 loads. I keep on pasting in web content and forgetting to remove the formatting. I try to undo it and it doesn't remove the pasted text, I need to manually delete it. I've noticed it for a few days now after multiple restarts.
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