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  1. I also have this issue since the forced update. Has made Evernote a bit of a joke, if I cannot see or write notes, what's the point of it? Thus, is there an easy way I can export all my notes to an alternative software where I can actually edit them?
  2. It would be really useful to see some basic stats on word count for entire notebooks/all notes. For those aspiring to write more in their daily life, to have an idea of ''I wrote 5,500 words in the last week'' or ''I have written 35,000 words total in this notebook'' or a goal to be hit to ''write 500 words a day'' and keeping track of that goal. Even going as far as a time chart with words written each week over time. If users judge their writing more by quality rather than number of words, word count could be substituted for time spent in Evernote. This feature will benefit Evernote as it would become much stickier with users, and benefit users to remind them to write down in their journals/novels regularly.
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