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  1. Hello guys, greetings from good old Germany. First of all: I'm using the free version so I use the App on two Android devices (that's for free) and additionally on a windows-computer in Firefox Now my remarcs to the issue: I could'n't read all the records to this issue. But reading quit a lot of them: I can't comprehend why this can be such a massiv problem. it should be a standard function (existing "since beginning of time"). And also as a not-paying user I say: Such an issue should be solved within a short term. Is evernote really interested in loosing their users to OneNote or others (as some already did oder wrote)? As many others I've chosen Evernote because of it's multi-plattform-concept - so it needs to be availavable on all these plattforms. And not only working correctly with Safari. Sorry for these clear words - but i thought it's necessary. If i over-read the solution (because of the many, many records) please tell me.
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