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  1. Ah! Excellent idea, I think I will definetely do that now! Thanks a bunch! Stef
  2. Thanks for the prompt responses, I'll try the tagging solution 👍🏻
  3. Hi, I hope this will make sense: I use a evernote in various parts of my activities and some notes are only needed for a certain amount of time. For example if I EN a guarantee for an appliance we bought at work or at home, I only need it for a certain time. Another example, if I make a trip/holiday plan, once the trip is over I don;t need it anymore. Because of the multiple examples, I tend to just leave the notes around and do a clear up now and again. I would rather have a solution where we could give a note an expiry date by which the note would eventually self-destroy (with
  4. Hi, Power user of Evernote since 2012, this serie is the best news in the company since this time. Please carry on, I am not a fan of forums but I decided to join this one after all that time Using Evernote hourly on Ubuntu (web and Tusk app) as well as Android and at work on Chrome (Windows version...).
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