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  1. Hi Ray, You are correct, and I should say sorry to anyone from Evernote if feel insulted by my post. I was just too angry to see the (huge) differences between the product iteration cycles between Evernote and Yinxiang after the spin-off. I still constantly visit this site and post my "attacking" opinion because I still care and have hope for the product that I used to love much. I was a long time premium subscriber and loyal user, but now-days, I just try stick to the basic plan and make less notes. As feature requests, Markdown, Latex, dark theme, Linux support etc., are all been l
  2. After Markdown support, todo list, desktop stick notes, The China Evernote (yinxiang) now support MindMap creation directly!!!! This is what product development looks like in the 21st century. Please fire all the stupid, arrogant PMs of Evernote, let the China team take over.
  3. Every time the Chinese Evernote releases a new feature, My anger with Evernote grows accordingly. They added support for Markdown. Days ago, they just released a new feature of putting sticky notes to the desktop. https://help.yinxiang.com/hc/articles/80397?preview=hctop It has been many years I did not see big changes introduced to Evernote despite the overwhelming feature requests posted here. Why Evernote could not merge the code with YinXiang. Better yet, let them take over the feature development if it could not be done here.
  4. What happened to the votes of this request. I remembered it had 4-500 votes? Did Evernote delete the original request?
  5. Come on, Evernote team. The Chinese version (yingxiang) added Markdown support for a while already! How hard this can be?
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