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  1. Yeah, I have an iMac with the full sized keyboard which includes the numeric keypad and it does have a home key. I usually just hit Option Up-Arrow to get to the top and Option Down-Arrow for the bottom of a list. See if that works on yours... it's a little easier to handle than FN-Left.
  2. That is a valid point, Grumpy. Evernote holds things not just for me but for, apparently from a previous post, confidential communications with my attorney (he's not my lawyer but maybe my lawyer does too.) JMichael, not exactly. I store things in Evernote that would make you cringe but they don't seem a problem for me. So what if a hacker does the improbable and gets in and sees that I have great Cholesterol and lousy Sugar (Diabetes). He could, perhaps, social engineer me to buy cheap foreign drugs from me but I'm not as vulnerable to social engineering as the average guy. I'm not immune but buying drugs somewhere besides my local pharmacy is just dumb to me... (that's me! If anyone else does it then that's fine too!) Your point about their advertising (examples) is valid. They need a disclaimer on every mention of bills, taxes, medical reports, etc that they "recommend" us to put into Evernote if they do not change their security. That is only wise to keep their customer who misunderstands security from losing important stuff. I think to address point #2 further I would have to know what kind of encryption the "block of text" method uses. I threw that out since it is legitimate but really I think it is more point #3 and the technology they have - I think they convert everything to HTML internally so does that pose a problem with regards to encryption? I dunno but it is a potential stumbling block for whole-notebook encryption. This is definitely good conversation to have, especially with participation by Evernote, but I always try to remind myself that if they say NO there may be good reasons for it and as a customer consuming their service they don't really owe me an explanation of the details of it. At work I figure if the CEO tells me to sweep the parking lot I can either do it or find another job... I work for him. I do have the right to express my opinion about it but have to accept the consequences of doing so. Although we don't work for Evernote our options are similar. We can make our opinions known and either do it their way or find another life-archiver. From what I've seen I can only say "good luck with that" since nothing compares IMO. Thanks for the replies guys.
  3. I totally agree with this! I'll often have several notes in my Inbox and while shoveling them to other notebooks having to click back to Inbox would be grueling.
  4. It sounds like you would like Evernote to function like Notational Velocity... each "note" is in a separate file in a folder. I am a "power user" who has been programming since 1978 and professionally since 1989, but I have never once wanted to open an Evernote note in another program. I certainly wouldn't expect Evernote to be able to handle edits done from another program with all the metadata it carries. Of course I don't consider myself the ultimate example user, I'm just sharing my experiences with it. I guess different people have different expectations but with tens of millions of users I'm guessing they are going for speed and ease-of-use over power-user-hackery. Their choice of format is surely more for making it work rather than an assumption we are mentally deficient or because of some hidden agenda. I'm just curious, do you have a Wordpress blog, lpr? If so it must drive you absolutely crazy to not be able to get to your articles. For what it's worth, the only thing worse sometimes than not having access is to have access. I used Aperture 2 to store photos and you can really mess up your entire library if you improperly manipulate the source files! I lost a couple hundred pictures before I figured it out.
  5. If you use the web client there are ways to set a custom CSS sheet assuming there is a consistent naming of the elements in the header. It's a lot of work and hassle if they change the element names though. In all I'd say it's probably not worth doing and certainly does nothing to help with the Mac client. I do agree, however, that it would be nice to have some differentiation such as color to separate the header from the note. Even if it was the same for everyone and a very light grey it would be enough for the eye to skip over.
  6. (blank lines removed to save space.)My method of recording the dates is this: Creation date is just that. It is when the note was created. Tags for info about the note. My March electric bill is tagged with Utilities, Bill, 3-March, 2012. This tells me when the bill is about regardless of when it was scanned. This is also true of personal history dates, web article dates, or event dates. If I need to record more than one of these 'categories' then I'll do it within the note itself: The receipt from the family reunion park reservation: Creation date is when it was scanned. The date of the event is the tags 3-Mar, 2012. The contents of the note has when it was paid (it's a receipt after all) and at the top I may put "2012-02-21: Talked to Suzy who said we were all set." I realize this won't help everyone but it's how I handle it and I have no worries storing/finding things. To everyone thinking Evernote doesn't listen to their customers, consider that there are around 28,000 registered forum users, the vast majority of them are silent. There are very few people vocally in favor of this or that issue. Now think about this... Evernote has 23 million users. The next time anyone is tempted to say "Everyone wants this, just look at the forums" (not just this thread but others) consider "Everyone" is about 0.1% of all Evernote users even if everyone registered in the forums says they want it.
  7. Lol, I just thought it was one of those prehistoric dinosaur eras. Thanks for the definition JMichael, I wouldn't have looked it up. I don't mind the popover now that I am used to it -- it was weird at first but ok now. One thing I would like you guys to add, dlu, is yet another format. 1/1 becomes January 1, but I have so many workflows that don't like slashes (/) that I have macros set to do dates like: 2012-03-10. It would be good if you can reasonably easily expand the translation to handle - in addition to /. Thanks!
  8. Grant, Perhaps something not immediately obvious is that in your preferences there is a setting for the default notebook. If you enter a note and don't specify a notebook to put it in then it will go into that notebook. This is different from the "All Notebooks" which shows all notes from every notebook.
  9. Hi Seth, welcome. One thing is to set your default folder to a particular notebook. Mine is set to "Inbox" and everything I send via email gets put into that notebook. This can be set in (Mac, Windows may be different) Preferences -> Clipping which has at the top "By default, place all clipped notes into the following notebook". This also applies to emailed notes. For individual emails you can put "flags" on the subject line. @Recipes will put the note into the notebook named Recipes #sugar-free will tag the note with the tag sugar-free So an email with the subject: Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies @Recipes #sugar-free would create a note with the title "Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies" in the notebook named "Recipes" and will tag it with "sugar-free". Hope it helps!
  10. I just came to the party but brought extra chips and sodas so I hope it is forgiven. There have been several excellent points made in this post on both sides of the fence, so to speak. I'd like to offer my own also. 1. Security has a maxim that says your security is sufficient if the effort to break into the data is greater than the value of the information. In my case, I store nothing that is valuable enough to be worth hacking into Evernote's servers. An "inside job"er so feared by some would be sorely disappointed if they got everything in my Evernote account. 2. There are serious issues that Heather mentioned regarding exporting technology like encryption. Just look at the years and dollars Phil Zimmerman (PGP) spent defending himself against arms exportation allegations. I defer to Evernote Execs to decide when and how to handle encryption. I'm thankful for what they offer me and if I want better security before they have it I can find it on my own. I consider it arrogant for me to try to tell them what they have to go through for such a feature when it is their company and their lives destroyed should they be convicted of such a crime. Especially since they are offering a service and not trying to force everyone to use it like a dictatorial government would force their people to do certain things. I have the choice to stay or go... they have the choice of what to offer and how it affects their bottom line. It seems to be working for them so far and certainly works for me. 3. As a programmer I understand there are potentially some critical technology issues. One mentioned already is the ability to search and offer up to the user anything encrypted. Another is the manner in which information is stored in Evernote. It is entirely possible that it is simply not practical to do whole-notebook encryption. I seem to remember a discussion which I can't fine (in the old forums?) in which Dave Engberg (CTO) said that the way notes are stored makes it a big challenge to encrypt a whole note because Evernote is so flexible you can store pictures, word docs, spreadsheets, html, rtf, etc. (Forgive me if I mischaracterized the statement - I'm going from memory and didn't Evernote it.) I again defer to the principals of the company and their technical staff to make these decisions. 4. If you (no one in particular) feel strongly that "Everyone needs to know how terrible Evernote is!" then I would suggest you get a blog and start posting. Get big enough the news reporters come to you for interviews. Put your security certifications and degrees on display behind you so the cameras can show how right you are. I can imagine going to McDonalds with signs and a dead cow draped over my shoulders yelling about how horrible their food is. I would quickly be escorted away by the men with shiny badges and steel bracelets. There is nothing wrong with certifications, least anyone misunderstand my point. I'm merely saying that if you can show you are a greater authority on the topic than Evernote and feel strongly about it and you want to make the point, do so from your study/office/blog/etc., not a new person every couple of weeks all over again in the forum Evernote has set up for us to help each other and for them to drop into and offer help as well. Additionally, mentioning security issues, asking questions, making a factual point is not what I address here but rather the 'you guys suck/are evil/etc' type sentiment. The bottom line is that for me the security provided by Evernote is greater than the value of my information and I should worry more about my home security that may allow someone to break in and get my paper backups of my taxes than worrying about Evernote having an insider or outside hacker getting into my files. This is a personal decision we each must make when deciding to use Evernote or not. If you think like I do then we will carry on. If you don't then I'm sorry to see you go but please don't feel you are obligated to try to drag the company down when you go. This is not directed at any one person or the people on one side of the discussion or the other!!! In fact, this thread is so long I don't remember the names of anyone involved in the conversation to a meaningful extent. I intend merely to address the issues mentioned and not those who mention them. To repeat my opening sentence, "There have been several excellent points made in this post on both sides of the fence, so to speak."
  11. Hi May, I would like to reply to some of your questions in hopes it may help in your quest. I use less than 3 dozen tags, most are abandoned but I haven't removed them yet. You see, I started out with one notebook and tags for "everything". In retrospect, over time it seems I have abandoned most, but not all, tags in favor of notebooks. My current thinking about tags is that a few tags can help group things but adding a tag for every little thing is all but useless. In your example of the photo, IMO, who would benefit from a tag: Badminton? Is that to find pics of us playing, snips from the local store to buy a new set, physics studies of how a birdie flys, etc? It would be useless to me and that is assuming I remembered that we played the game on that trip! The tags I use now are probably around a dozen, plus a date. I have tags for each month "1 - Jan" and for each year "2012". I also have tags for each member of my family that is relevant and certain select other people that are prominent. I have a few separate notebooks but for the most part, the majority of them are in a stack called Reference (ala GTD). Within that stack are "Computer Info", "Food", "Legal", "Photography", etc. I rarely browse my notes. I'd say at least 90% of the time I am looking for something I know that I used to know. Therefore, most of my use in Evernote is searching for some topic. I usually am pretty good about getting to the note I want via search and sometimes timestamp if I know when it was added so I often don't use the more advanced search features. In the rare occasion I go browsing for something I rely on good titles to help me find it. For instance, I have a notebook of stories and quotes. I will sometimes browse through that to find a pertinent story or quote about something being discussed. I just search for the topic in that notebook or, if the topic is somewhat nebulous I will simply step through the titles to find what I need. I add scanned documents, emails, etc. into my Inbox and when I move them from the inbox to their appropriate notebook I add the proper tags if applicable. If it is one of my active tags, such as Medical, I'll add that, the month and year tags when appropriate, the family member and anything else fitting such as Taxes. I don't always add month tags, for example, unless the item added is specific to a certain month - like an electric bill. If I need to find something that happened on a certain month I can do that. I can find things relating to a certain family member. I can find what I need for taxes. etc. The more tags the better is definitely not my method. Too few is equally unhelpful. Basically, if you need it - use it, but no more than what is necessary and useful. If I add a new tag I will almost never go back and add it to older notes. The biggest exception to this is, for example, when I started using Month and Year tags - going through old electric bills is worthwhile to have those tags added. I sure hope this helps in some small way and didn't just waste your time. Deverill
  12. Greg, this is better than chocolate and peanut butter! Two great apps in one tight integration... Brilliant! I often use Clarify to make notes for Evernote - now it's that much better. I love this. Just made my first one and now it can't be easier! Thanks to both of your teams for great apps! @Deverill
  13. It sounds like the OP found the answer with an upgrade. Just for anyone else, I have the Mac version of everything and my ScanSnap Manager lets me scan directly to Evernote. Under Application I have Scan to Evernote (Document). In Application Settings I have it Convert to Searchable PDF and All Pages. If you have a high volume you may want to change this. When I scan documents it drops them into Evernote's default folder (Inbox for me) and I can move them, tag them or rename them as needed. No need for intermediate PDF files on the hard drive.
  14. idoc, perhaps we think differently but the way I handle the issue in your last post is to keep my travel notebook and software notebook lean and mean. When I scan my "thousands" of utility bills, etc, they each go into a separate note in the inbox folder. I then occasionally (depending on time/mood/how much I've scanned) go through the inbox and move the notes to the proper notebook. Jquery ideas go to Software, Louisville images go to Travel, and electric bills goes to the "Utilities" folder along with water, garbage, etc. This keeps my lean folders easy to browse but since I never want to just browse my bills folders I can search for anything I need without having to worry about the clutter. Unless you have a desire/need to just scan through your bills, and only have them in there for reference if you need them at tax time or in case of dispute, then just throw them all into a "catch-folder" and use sort to get what you want -- the clutter won't be an issue if it can work for you that way. Hope it helps!
  15. I do not use EN for todos and such but when I use it for storing information I use a set of tags to group things chronologically. For instance, my lab report from the doctor is my Reference/Medical notebook and has the tags: 01-January and 2012 (as well as Labs, Medical and Jim). This lets me use tags to find certain months, years, or family members. Of course add in Search and I can find anything in there. I'm not sure the view you are using, but I often use the Snippet view with Notebooks and/or Tags open on the far left as needed, the list of notes in the center and individual notes on the right. In the center pane I see a title which could be "Jim Lab Report 2012-03-08" and under that I see: 03/08/12 03-March, 2012, Jim, Labs, Medical which is all the information I need. idoc, is there something specific you are looking for that a tag or search could accomplish or do you absolutely need the title and date in the title field of the note? I find that usually if I step back and see what I need, instead of how to bend steel to do it the way I want to, I can find another solution -- especially with Evernote since it's so flexible in many ways. I hope something here helps someone find their perfect system - it's different for each of us!
  16. Hi idoc. As others have said, I have a profile set for Color Single, Color Double, Gray Single and Gray Double. Each of these are either color or grayscale and single or double sided pages. On the Scanning page I checked "Continue scanning after current scan is finished". This causes the pages to scan into a single PDF document and I have to specifically break the pages into separate documents. This way if I load a stack of pages it will automatically put them all together in the PDF and if there is a paper jam or I run through the first stack I can continue with minimal trouble. I am pretty sure the PDF would be easier to OCR than the jpegs, and they are certainly smaller and easier to move around, especially on my Mac with built-in basuc PDF handling. Even with a Win-PC I would use PDFs. Hope it helps.
  17. Looking at my inbox in Gmail I shudder to think of having it go into Evernote! For me that would be a nightmare - like pouring sand over a birthday cake and then trying to pick out the junk so I can eat the good parts. Gmail is a great way to communicate and I like the service. It is not the source of good Evernote materials, IMO. The way I handle my information is that I have only a few labels in Gmail - mostly identifying the source of the email in the cases that it is important or to which inbox the mail was sent. For example, if it was sent to my web site client Craig I want his name labeled on the message. Other than that I don't use labels. When emails come in they of course go to the inbox. If it is from my coworkers at my day-job and I am done with it I simply archive it. That way if Bob ever says "I told you it was blue" I can search for the email and show him where he said "red". Space is free on Gmail and I'm far from full so I just dump them. I suspect one day I'll have to clean some of them out. If it is something I would have printed out and put in a filing cabinet before Evernote then I'll forward it to Evernote and usually I'll immediately clean it up with tags, a better title, etc. For me, Evernote is my electronic filing cabinet of things I need to remember and email is the modern water-torture device that causes me to waste time sorting through junk mail... I'd never want to mix the two. If it works for you then that's awesome! Use the tools you need in the way you want to but for me it's never going to happen. Jim Sewell / @Deverill
  18. Hi Kevin, Something I track in EN that's related but not exactly what you ask is my lab reports from the doctor. I ask for a copy and scan them in when I get home. This way over time I can see how my cholesterol, sugars, etc. are doing and by adding notes such as weight or that my back was out so I was sedentary I can see the cause-and-effects of my behavior on my health. My doctors tend to look at the labs and say "You're doing ok" instead of comparing to the last one and saying "You're doing better/worse" which I prefer. Apps that track your food would be good if they can dump the summaries. A chart of weight or sodium consumed could be very useful as well. I wouldn't do it if it only dumped raw data though - compiling all that is more trouble than it is worth. Hope these ideas help. Jim Sewell / @Deverill
  19. Joshua has a good point about the inbox being a metaphor that almost everyone can understand. I have an Inbox notebook simply for the purpose of having somewhere for incoming things to land. I will frequently forward invoices, receipts, good informational, etc from my email to my Evernote email address. This goes to the default notebook if I do not specify on the subject line. I have notebooks like "Medical Information - docs/labs" which is detailed so I can remember that this is for lab reports and the "Medical Taxes" is for tax receipts. To put a name like this on the subject line is not practical so it is easier for me to just forward it as it to EN and then the next time I'm in there cleaning up (GTD would call it a review) I'll move/tag it as appropriate. I'm not much for an email "inbox zero" approach but my Evernote inbox is mostly empty at any given time. It is just a landing spot for me.
  20. Evernote is great for research and storing facts I want to blog about, but for writing the actual post I use multimarkdown which lets me do simple things like **bold** and _italics_ with little effort and not-so-ugly formatting markup and then I convert it into HTML to paste into Wordpress. It's actually easier than it sounds and gives me the flexibility to write without thinking so much about formatting. I also take the "good" posts I make and put them back into Evernote with the clipper so they are formatted and look good and if I ever need them they are available should something happen to my blog.
  21. Unfortunately I am still a long way from paperless - old habits are hard to break - but here is what I at least attempt to do on a daily basis: 1. Web-clip or smartphone snapshots or audio notes for things I want to remember. 2. Scan everything at home - I can retrieve anything important that has come through my hands lately and other very cool stuff like my mom and dad's marriage license. Now even in disaster or with the disaster known as time I have everything that is important. 3. Email forward anything that makes sense to save. I use this a lot at work for documentation and "No, boss, you said this in that email..." type things. I, too, have my printer still. It's handy when I have to give legal papers to the doctor for my mom or things like that. One thing I see a lot of people doing is taking photos with their phones and emailing them to Evernote. I don't know about all versions, but the version of Evernote on my android phone has a snapshot button that saves the extra step and avoids the ugly email headers so don't forget about that. Paperless, or at least at my stage of electronic copies of everything, is a nice place to be when tax time comes and you have to add up all those medical receipts! Cheers.
  22. I bought the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 which was a great decision. It saves me a ton of time because it is fast and does both sides in one pass. Another option is a service that will scan for you but you may have to cut out the parts you wish to save since they will otherwise scan the entire page. Here is a page in the Evernote Blog that outlines some good options for you: http://goo.gl/Khhv Hope it helps!
  23. Another use case. I am a Premium user from right after I found out about Evernote. I usually take up only a small fraction of my usage per month but went Premium mostly because I believe in the product and it's worth supporting. Tonight I took over the Treasurer/Secretary office in our homeowner's association. I have a stack at least 2 feet high that are everything from hand-jotted notes to legal certificates. I just finished 1 1/2 inches and am already at 410 or 1024 MB and have 19 days left. With my Fujitsu ScanSnap I can barrel through these papers but would love to have the option to throw some money your way to boost that limit for a month or two. This stuff is such a mess and I have to organize it and Evernote is the only thing that makes sense right now. I can scan everything and sort/search/sift through it all and find out where I am in preparation of moving forward. Thanks! I know there's nothing in place yet but wanted to show yet another way that we could need a boost. Jim
  24. First, sincerely, Evernote rocks. I would truly (and perhaps literally) be lost without it. Now with that out of the way... The whole strength of Evernote, and its very purpose for existing, is to remember everything. This is two part, storing memories and retrieving them. Evernote has a very nice search function that is feature rich, but you have to know all the tricks to use it. I'd like to suggest a better search facility similar to Mac OS X spotlight search that gives you a basic box to search things but an option to pick and choose additional elements. For instance in Finder you enter something in the spotlight field and there is a new bar under it for your search limited to this folder versus the entire Mac, etc. Then you can add a constraint and pick from a drop-down things like kind of file, various dates, name, etc. If Evernote had a similar "advanced search" that had drop-downs for Tag, InTitle, created, any, etc. it would be much more accessible to the non-geek users and easier to use for all. These search features all exist now but one has to google them if they don't use them every day and a nice interface access to the features would make Evernote a much better product, IMO. Thanks for listening, Jim Sewell / @Deverill
  25. Could be Andrew lives in a state with no income tax like here in Florida.I store sensitive stuff in EN but I never access it from an unknown network, either here at work on a dedicated DSL or at home on my locked down network. Risky but I agree with Heather that it's a comfort level thing - where is your balance between iron-clad security, risk and usability. Iron-clad is hard to use so I take calculated risks based on my situation and how useful the info is to anyone who gets it.
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