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  1. I tried the new version when it came out... soon found import folders were missing and reverted back to version 6. Later got tricked into clicking the upgrade button again. I'd forgotten that import folders were missing. Fired up my ScanSnap, scanned a few documents, went to Evernote - not there! Then I remembered why I downgraded it. Downgraded again... I'm very glad to see it is on the roadmap... I would have stuck with the older version indefinitely, but I was conscious that sooner or later they were likely to pull the plug on it, at which point I'd have relunctantly started looking elsewhere. Hopefully Import Folders appears in Evernote 10 before they pull the plug on Evernote 6! Is there anything else missing? I had the impression that the search wasn't as effective, but I didn't spend long investigating.
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