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  1. I DID follow DTLows post and can see that you can do a switcheroo and take one device out and put one in. My point is that I foresee Evernote closing this loophole and somehow enforcing the rule of ONLY 2 devices. Take one out and they may impose a time limit or some other such mechanism that will keep you from switching it back in. The WEB interface is why I asked about how to use it on an iPhone. When you can get to it by switching to the DESKTOP version of the browser it is just so tiny and cramped that it is unusable. I may just get a subscription. I don't use EN a lot but I do use it some. I actually participated in the EN beta program years ago and BOUGHT the program, I seem to remember that I paid for an upgrade or 2 as well. Then they switched to free with the cloud base. I resisted for a while but eventually moved to it. I'm just trying to come up with a happy medium between fair use and EN's restrictions. Using the web version on a iPhone just isn't usable, yet I need the FULL client on 2 other PCs.
  2. DTLow, you can get around the 2 device limit the way you mention - for now. How long until EN 'corrects' this and won't allow it to work? I got it to work in the iOS Dolphin browser by refreshing it a few times after switching it to the desktop mode. It is, however unusable.
  3. With the recent changes in pricing and the 2 device restriction I decided to eliminate a few of my devices to get down to the 2 device limit and then just use Evernote Web on the ones I removed. I need Evernote on my Desktop and my laptop. So when I try to use the Evernote Web on my iPhone using Safari or Dolphin I can get logged in but I can't see my notes. I can't get pack the initial web page to the actual webpage showing the notes. I searched around and can't seem to get past the first page. What am I doing wrong?
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