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  1. TL;DR Be patient, development is tricky and can’t always be transparent. What you should understand is that a Support ticket was submitted. Support teams do not fix bugs; they only provide workarounds if they exist and report bugs to the Development team. Development teams have their own ticketing system for tracking code changes. It is safe to say their are aware of the issue and are working on it and tracking progress on an internal Development ticketing system. In addition, as I understand EN is in the process of overhauling their code base. This is not an easy feat and will break other features. Be assured that they have prioritized the fix, but may take time since they may need to (1) overhaul or redesign the solution since it is a platform specific (macOS) feature and (2) they are probably waiting for the next macOS beta that is only 1 week away to decide how to move forward. Apple is rumored to overhaul their OS significantly and may impact how developers implement on their platform.
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