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  1. Just thought I'd toss in my two cents about EN / ON. Every time I read about OneNote's "superior" organizing ability, I find myself scratching my head. Maybe if I had started out using ON instead of EN, the hierarchy would work for me, but I guess EN has ruined me for that sort of thing I tried using ON a few years ago, and it just doesn't fit with how my mind works, apparently. I LIKE Evernote's big scrolling list of notes, appropriately portioned up into notebooks and stacks (with tags thrown in just in case). One of my primary uses is as a daily work journal - I jot notes down about what I'm working on constantly throughout the day. This is part of how I think...typing out my random thoughts about my work helps me actually do my work. Doing those kinds of notes in ON just didn't scale well. I tried putting them all in a single notebook, on a single page, but that was too hard to navigate. I prefer the feeling of *separate notes*, not just a big long page of "work journal". Putting them into different sections based on project didn't work too well either. It felt scattered - If I just wanted to pull up all the notes I wrote last friday (to remind myself what I was working on so that I could get back to it on Monday morning, for instance), there wasn't a quick and easy way to do that. The notes might be in all different places, if I was working on multiple projects at once. In EN? Just pull up my Work notebook and sort by Date Created, and scroll through. Or do a search on date range first, THEN scroll. Done. Need notes on a particular project? Pull up a tag (I use tags for projects rather than notebooks, but a notebook would work as well). This was just one example; the organization tripped me up in other ways as well. I just seem to work best with a big bucket to hold all the excess stuff in my head. I think ON has a lot of appeal and I'm sure it works great for some folks. It just didn't fit with my brain, at least not for my day-to-day work journaling needs. As a side-note, as an experiment I AM using OneNote for one very specific purpose - meeting notes. I like the ability to easily shrink the window to fit next to other programs, so it is great for taking notes while watching a WebEx (I work from home, so I attend most meetings via webex). For meetings I lead, I don't worry about having ON up on my shared screen since there is zero personal information within it (I would worry about accidentally pulling up personal notes in EN in that case). And these types of notes fit great into the Notebook / Section Page paradigm. Obviously, people should use what works for them...but excess organizational structure isn't a positive of all of us. It is a big downside in my case.
  2. Was this an issue only in certain configurations or something? Because I am able to enter a location on a note in EN 5.07 on my mac without issue, and I am pretty sure I did so months ago as well. I just retested this: 1. created a brand new note on the mac 2. Opened the info panel thing (I don't know what it is called). The location field was already filled in with an address near my current location. 3. Typed in an address for a location on the other side of the country and hit enter. 4. Went to the Atlas view. My new note showed up on the map on the other side of the country as I would expect. I am on Evernote 5.0.7 and Mac OS 10.8.3 if that makes a difference in this issue.
  3. I was also experiencing this on my Windows machine with the windows client. In my case, it turned out to be an issue with shared notebooks. (notebooks from a different account that were shared with this one). I removed the shared notebooks from my account and then re-added them and now the error has gone away. It is such a vague message I have no idea if my solution will work for you though. I did submit a support ticket before figuring this out myself, and did not get any useful information at all. The response was all about the password reset thing and really looked like they didn't bother to actually read the problem. But I'd still suggest submitting a support ticket as well if the shared notebook thing doesn't work
  4. I have this problem as well and it drives me nuts. I really preferred the old way of picking up the location from the photo. At the very least, it should let you choose which to use. I've manually put in the location for a few of my notes, but that is pretty laborious. Hope a solution comes along soon.
  5. I think this was fixed in 5.0.3. I was having the same problem - Shift+Cmd+J would work once, but hitting it again did not re-open the menu. Now it seems to work fine - I can hit the shortcut multiple times and select additional tags to search. To clear the search, hit the shortcut and delete all of the selected tags out of the search box and hit enter. This goes back to all notes. As for a shortcut for all notes - in my version Shift+Cmd+A is already the built in shortcut for showing all notes, so probably no need to create it in system preferences (when I open the View menu, I see that shortcut next to the "Show All Notes" item, which makes me think this is built in and not something I set up and forgot about)
  6. I have this problem as well. When I start EN, ctrl+cmd+M does NOT work at all. To make it work, I have to go to the menu and open Note > Move to Notebook. I just have to display the fly-out menu - I don't actually pick anything. Then after that point, the shortcut works for that session in EN. I noticed this in both card view and snippet view, so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the view.
  7. This topic is definitely making me think. I live in Montana and telecommute to a company mostly located in Illinois. You wouldn't think Sandy would have affected us, but most of our virtual machines and servers were hosted in a data center on the East coast. So we lost access to those machines for about a week due to power outages. It is amazing how something on the other side of the country can affect you in this network-connected world! I've no idea where the Evernote data center is, but wherever it is located, there is bound to be some sort of natural disaster common to the area (hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado, fire, whatever). I think this is a good reason to always use a desktop client in addition to the phone/tablet versions so that you have access to your notes even if the data center is down. And backups! I backup my Evernote account via time machine so I am not completely dependent on the cloud if something happens to my laptop. I do need to find some sort of off-site backup in case my house burns down, of course. I also have a kindle, although I've never thought about copying my important documents there. That is a great idea.
  8. Have you tried using the little Tag dropdown at the top of the note list? You can get to it with Shift+Command+J, and when you select a tag, it does respect the current notebook you are in. Here's what I just tested: 1. Switched to my "Book Journal" notebook 2. Shfit+Cmd+J. The tag drop down shows me a flat list of tags, BUT they are only tags that are used within the notes in the that notebook, which is nice. 3. Selected a tag. View immediately filtered to show me JUST notes in the Book Journal notebook with the selected tag. 4. Clicked the tag drop down again (there IS a bug here in that Shift+Cmd+J doesn't work to reopen the tag panel already - I hope they fix this) 5. Now my tag list is even smaller, as it only reflects tags assigned to the visible notes. 6. Click an additional tag. Now I'm seeing just notes IN the notebook assigned all the specified tags. It probably isn't quite as quick as clicking multiple tags in the tree, but it DOES do the filtering. A big flaw with this is that the search box for the tags is tiny, so once you pick more than one or two tags, you can't see all of the ones listed in the box. Also, I think that selecting tags in this way SHOULD also update the search bar with the advanced "tag:" criteria so that you could see how to build the search manually if needed.
  9. I've done a little more experimentation. I went back to a few of the notes that aren't on the atlas and made a small edit - such as adding a few words in the note title. On the ones I've tried so far, this DID correct and those notes now show up on the Atlas! When I have more time, I'll try this on the rest of my missing notes and see if it makes them show up. Hoping this additional info helps you diagnose.
  10. I did open a support case already. Still thought it might be useful to post in case any other users had encountered this and had any ideas. Haven't heard anything from support yet.
  11. I know many forum posters don't like the new Atlas feature -- I think it is cool because I love maps. I routinely geocode my photos in Aperture, so geocoding my notes seems like a logical step. Particularly notes in my "Travel" notebook that represent trip planning and notes from past trips. Anyway, last night I went through and manually updated a large number of notes with addresses or coordinates (depending on the location - some were from camping trips, so they didn't have street addresses). Unfortunately, these notes are NOT showing up on Atlas. I thought perhaps I put in invalid/unrecognized locations, BUT then I checked my phone. These notes (at least some of them) ARE showing up in the expected places in the iPhone Places view. So the locations should be right...but Mac 5.0 is not picking them up for the Atlas view. I have several notes with the exact same location, and some are showing up and some are not. I can't find any common thread between the ones that work and the ones that don't. Anyone else see this? Any solutions? I like the concept of Atlas, but it isn't useful if you can't manually update locations and have them work.
  12. I would love a calendar control like that for quickly filtering my notes to a particular day. Even better if you could click a range of days, or a week, month, etc. It would essentially be an easy shortcut for doing a date based search. BTW, it might not be obvious, but you can construct relative date searches that don't require a specific date. For instance, doing: created:day-1 finds notes created before today minus 1 day (so, basically, yesterday). For my journal, I've used this to set up searches that find all the notes created on this day different numbers of years ago: Notes created one year ago today: created:day-366 -created:day-365 Notes created 2 years ago today: created:day-731 -created:day-730 and so on. I go back 5 years like this. I've also done similar ones for weeks and months: Notes created a year ago this month: -created:month-11 created:month-12 Notes created a year ago this week: created:week-52 -created:week-51 These searches do still work in EN 5.0, but I can't figure out how to construct them using the "Add a Search Option" thingy. Just typing them in works. I would still love a calendar-type date navigator, but I've found these relative date searches to be pretty handy.
  13. Not sure if this has been reported, but the search drop down menu seems to pop up very frequently, for no apparent reason. For example: 1. Shift+Command+I to open the note info panel and edit the created date for the note. 2. Same keypress to close the note info panel. It closes, and then the search menu drops down as if I clicked in the search field.
  14. Just discovered a searching issue - not sure if it has already been reported. 1. Started from a specific notebook. 2. Clicked in the search field to get the dropdown. 3. Selected to search just the selected notebook 4. Typed -tag:log. My goal here was to find all notes in the notebook that are not tagged "log" 5. One note was found, which was expected. 6. Tagged that one note with "log". 7. clicked away from the note. I expected the search to refresh and show me NO notes, since none would match anymore. However, instead, Evernote showed me ALL notes in the notebook! I cleared out the search and then recreated it and got the same result. Basically, if none of the notes match the second part of the criteria, it is ignored. I don't know if this is specifically a tag search issue, or a general searching issue.
  15. Seeing the same behavior with PDFs. They don't resize down properly to fit within the note pane. Images are fine. And apparently I'm the only person experiencing this bug. I just downloaded the beta today, and I did see this as well. So far with my experimentation, it happens in this scenario: 1. Set Evernote to full screen. 2. Quit evernote. 3. Restart Evernote. It automatically opens up in full screen and the right side of the note pane is cut off. At that point there seems to be no fix -- changing full screen or resizing the panes does nothing. I was able to "fix" it on mine by leaving full screen mode and exiting Evernote (so exiting out while in a "normal" window). Then I restarted and it came up in non-full screen with the correct note pane. So try that and see if it helps! Hopefully this info will help them fix this bug. EDIT: OK, so I ran into this again and the trick I described above didn't work. Tried a bunch of things, quitting, restarting, etc. Finally tried this: Made the note column (in card view) more narrow so it only was only 2 notes wide. Then exited and came back in and my note panes are back to normal. So I'm thinking on launch, evernote is sizing the note pane to some fixed size rather than basing it on the width of the panes. And then from that point on, it resizes in proportion to that size. So if the initial size is wrong, you're stuck. I just repeated this again, but this time I switched to list view and exited. That also solved the problem.
  16. Not sorting on date created is definitely a problem for me. I always sort on date, and very rarely want the updated date. It is also highly annoying if you recently made big edits to old notes (such as fixing up tags), and so these old, pretty irrelevant notes are at the top of the list. Please let me sort by created date again!
  17. This would be great. I never want to use that pink color. At the very least, it should remember what you last used when you quit.
  18. Yes! I really miss the unlimited canvas and resize-ability as well. Not just for what you describe, but also for making annotations on images and screenshots. I would often make the canvas a bit bigger than the photo/screenshot so to that I could put text outside the picture and then draw arrows pointing in -- this was great for adding annotations without obscuring so much of the image.
  19. Technically, I think it is 2.0.1, not 2.1. The new option for choosing whether or not to save to evernote is nice, but still forces you to save it to EN if you want to keep your document and not just discard it. This means I'm forced to keep every single skitch document in EN AND in skitch. These notes then end up on my phone twice - both in the skitch iOS app and in EN in offline notebooks (since many of my key notebooks are offline). This seems problematic in the long run - i don't mind the duplication on my desktop, but I DO mind it on my phone with its limited space. It seems like there could be some sort of archive ability, where the document would remain in EN and desktop skitch, but be removed from the phone app. Ideally you would be able to switch it on or off, so if I decide I DO need a particular document back on my phone, I could unarchive it and sync to make it available again. Another thing I really miss - the ability to take an existing skitch document, duplicate it, and make new edits. Right now, if you copy and paste a skitch image in the desktop skitch, the copy is basically a pasted image...arrows/text/shapes are part of the image and not separate moveable/editable objects anymore. So there is no way to, say, make a copy, try out some changes, but then get back to your original if you change your mind. Seems it should either have a save as or duplicate option like most mac apps.
  20. Yes, this would really help. Right now it seems very inconsistent: - I can add tags to skitch notes in Evernote Mac, but not in any version of skitch. I CANNOT add tags to skitch notes via Evernote iOS. - I can rename documents in sktich on the mac, but not on iOS - I can change the notebook for a skitch note using either Evernote Mac OR skitch iOS. But I can't change the notebook using evernote iOS. Also, sometimes changing the notebook via skitch iOS doesn't stick.
  21. I can see the info button and tap the title, but it does not become editable. I'm using an iPhone 4S on iOS 6. Also, the notebook thing is very flakey/buggy. Soemtimes changing the notebook works, but sometimes it does not. I can select a notebook and save my note, but when I go back to the note later and look at it, it is set back to the default notebook. When I go to Skitch desktop or EN, sometimes it has kept the correct notebook and sometimes it has not. Really not sure on what triggers it to be wrong. I really don't want to store all my Skitch documents in the same notebook - that would be like having an EN notebook called "PDF" for all pdf docs! The content of the note is what determines where it should go in EN, not the tool used to create it.
  22. As far as I can tell, there is no way to rename skitch documents. This is a strange design decision. Why would I want my Evernote account full of notes called "Skitch Photo Document" with no way to distinguish between them (other than looking at the annotated picture I guess). And it is even worse if you create a new blank document...then you get a document named "Blank". I'm not as upset as many by the Skitch 2.0 changes, but this seems ridiculous. Let me rename my own documents to something meaningful! It would also be nice to have a note field, similar to Evernote Food, so that I could write something ABOUT the document that would show up in the EN note as well. Sometimes the image requires some context (like why this is something important enough to be in EN in the first place). EDIT: OK, I just discovered I can rename the documents in the desktop by clicking the document name in the main skitch window. However, I can't seem to rename on the iPhone version - tapping the name on the Info screen does nothing. So it isn't QUITE as bad as I thought.
  23. I would suspect that a big part of the reason Windows has logout and Mac does not is because of the different way data is stored on the operation systems. I use both, and on my Windows computer, my Evernote data is stored in a single database file (I think there are a few extra files that support that somehow). These files could probably live anywhere on the hard drive, although EN did default them to a specific place. I recently set up a second EN account for work-only, and when I look at the location on the hard drive, I now have two DB files - one with my original account name and one with the new. So the Windows logout simply disconnects from the database, and log in connects you back to it. So you can switch between users. Incidentally, I don't think doing a global search of a Windows computer can search EN notes (the way spotlight does on mac) since they are locked up in database. On the Mac side, my EN data is NOT all in one db, but is a huge set of individual files within what I assume to be specially-named folders. These are all within the library folders for a specific user account. I assume (not being an EN employee, I'm just guessing) that this is how Mac apps are supposed to store their data. Which means the data is tied directly to the Mac OS logged in user. Hence the difficulty logging out of EN and switching to a different user. So the differences are due to differences in the OS platforms. I also suspect that some things like logout were on the Windows side before the Mac version existed (EN was a windows-only app, back before it had the sync service and all that). Which accounts for other differences. There are many things on the Windows side that I wish would make it to Mac (and I agree with GM that things like the search explanation bar should be addressed, as it has made life much harder on the Mac side since it went away). But the logout thing seems like a pretty clear OS platform difference to me.
  24. My test was under Windows; exported to .ENEX, imported back into the other account. Created and updated dates changed both times. Hmm, very odd. I did my final transfer in Windows (since my work machine is a Windows 7 laptop). As far as I can tell, all the dates are intact. Some of my notes go all the way back to 2005 and they definitely still show those older dates. Not sure why I got different results.
  25. Hmm, I suppose I should post a quick update. As it turns out, the dates ARE preserved when importing the data. I did a couple very small tests, exporting just a few notes and then importing back in. I tested importing back into the same account in Windows client, then in the same account in the Mac client, and then in a new account in the Windows client. In all cases, the dates came through correctly. So the KB article must be out of date. This past weekend I did the big export of all my work notes, then setup a new account just for work, and then imported them all in. This was all using the Windows client on my work machine. They came in fine. The only thing I lost was tag hierarchy. I had a lot of tags organized into the tree-like structure. In most of these cases, the higher levels were not assigned to any notes - they just provided structure for the child tags. So those tags were lost and I now have a flat list that I am reconstructing. I've been meaning to redo my tags for a while so this isn't a huge loss, but if you have a carefully designed set of tags, it is something to be leery of. Finally, I did setup two notebooks in my original personal account to share with the work account, so I can still transfer notes back and forth if necessary. I have to do the sharing from the personal side since that is (currently) the only premium account out of the two. I am hoping to get by with a free account for work from here on out. This is my first use of the sharing features and so far they are working OK for me. So far the solution is working for me. I like having a clean line between home and work now, and feeling that I can put more of my personal stuff into the cloud without bumping into it at at work. I've started moving many of my home notes into synchronized folders so that I can take full advantage of Evernote's features and have my notes on my iPhone. It is also rather nice to NOT be bombarded with all sorts of work notes when I search for things at home...I can just search from "All Notes" rather than a specific stack since the work stuff won't be cluttering things up in the home account anymore. For now I think this will work, just because it is pretty clear to me exactly what goes in each account. So I don't expect to find myself mixed up on what got put in which account. I still have the Evernote database files (exb files) from the original account on the work machine. Once I'm comfortable that I'm not going to undo all this, I plan to archive those files somewhere safe (at home) and hang on to them just as a backup. I'm also going to archive all the exported .enex files as a backup/snapshot of where things were this weekend.
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