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  1. Have you tried using the little Tag dropdown at the top of the note list? You can get to it with Shift+Command+J, and when you select a tag, it does respect the current notebook you are in. Here's what I just tested: 1. Switched to my "Book Journal" notebook 2. Shfit+Cmd+J. The tag drop down shows me a flat list of tags, BUT they are only tags that are used within the notes in the that notebook, which is nice. 3. Selected a tag. View immediately filtered to show me JUST notes in the Book Journal notebook with the selected tag. 4. Clicked the tag drop down again (there IS a bug here in that Shift+Cmd+J doesn't work to reopen the tag panel already - I hope they fix this) 5. Now my tag list is even smaller, as it only reflects tags assigned to the visible notes. 6. Click an additional tag. Now I'm seeing just notes IN the notebook assigned all the specified tags. It probably isn't quite as quick as clicking multiple tags in the tree, but it DOES do the filtering. A big flaw with this is that the search box for the tags is tiny, so once you pick more than one or two tags, you can't see all of the ones listed in the box. Also, I think that selecting tags in this way SHOULD also update the search bar with the advanced "tag:" criteria so that you could see how to build the search manually if needed.
  2. I would love a calendar control like that for quickly filtering my notes to a particular day. Even better if you could click a range of days, or a week, month, etc. It would essentially be an easy shortcut for doing a date based search. BTW, it might not be obvious, but you can construct relative date searches that don't require a specific date. For instance, doing: created:day-1 finds notes created before today minus 1 day (so, basically, yesterday). For my journal, I've used this to set up searches that find all the notes created on this day different numbers of years ago: Notes created one year ago today: created:day-366 -created:day-365 Notes created 2 years ago today: created:day-731 -created:day-730 and so on. I go back 5 years like this. I've also done similar ones for weeks and months: Notes created a year ago this month: -created:month-11 created:month-12 Notes created a year ago this week: created:week-52 -created:week-51 These searches do still work in EN 5.0, but I can't figure out how to construct them using the "Add a Search Option" thingy. Just typing them in works. I would still love a calendar-type date navigator, but I've found these relative date searches to be pretty handy.
  3. Not sorting on date created is definitely a problem for me. I always sort on date, and very rarely want the updated date. It is also highly annoying if you recently made big edits to old notes (such as fixing up tags), and so these old, pretty irrelevant notes are at the top of the list. Please let me sort by created date again!
  4. This would be great. I never want to use that pink color. At the very least, it should remember what you last used when you quit.
  5. Yes! I really miss the unlimited canvas and resize-ability as well. Not just for what you describe, but also for making annotations on images and screenshots. I would often make the canvas a bit bigger than the photo/screenshot so to that I could put text outside the picture and then draw arrows pointing in -- this was great for adding annotations without obscuring so much of the image.
  6. Technically, I think it is 2.0.1, not 2.1. The new option for choosing whether or not to save to evernote is nice, but still forces you to save it to EN if you want to keep your document and not just discard it. This means I'm forced to keep every single skitch document in EN AND in skitch. These notes then end up on my phone twice - both in the skitch iOS app and in EN in offline notebooks (since many of my key notebooks are offline). This seems problematic in the long run - i don't mind the duplication on my desktop, but I DO mind it on my phone with its limited space. It seems like there could be some sort of archive ability, where the document would remain in EN and desktop skitch, but be removed from the phone app. Ideally you would be able to switch it on or off, so if I decide I DO need a particular document back on my phone, I could unarchive it and sync to make it available again. Another thing I really miss - the ability to take an existing skitch document, duplicate it, and make new edits. Right now, if you copy and paste a skitch image in the desktop skitch, the copy is basically a pasted image...arrows/text/shapes are part of the image and not separate moveable/editable objects anymore. So there is no way to, say, make a copy, try out some changes, but then get back to your original if you change your mind. Seems it should either have a save as or duplicate option like most mac apps.
  7. Yes, this would really help. Right now it seems very inconsistent: - I can add tags to skitch notes in Evernote Mac, but not in any version of skitch. I CANNOT add tags to skitch notes via Evernote iOS. - I can rename documents in sktich on the mac, but not on iOS - I can change the notebook for a skitch note using either Evernote Mac OR skitch iOS. But I can't change the notebook using evernote iOS. Also, sometimes changing the notebook via skitch iOS doesn't stick.
  8. I can see the info button and tap the title, but it does not become editable. I'm using an iPhone 4S on iOS 6. Also, the notebook thing is very flakey/buggy. Soemtimes changing the notebook works, but sometimes it does not. I can select a notebook and save my note, but when I go back to the note later and look at it, it is set back to the default notebook. When I go to Skitch desktop or EN, sometimes it has kept the correct notebook and sometimes it has not. Really not sure on what triggers it to be wrong. I really don't want to store all my Skitch documents in the same notebook - that would be like having an EN notebook called "PDF" for all pdf docs! The content of the note is what determines where it should go in EN, not the tool used to create it.
  9. As far as I can tell, there is no way to rename skitch documents. This is a strange design decision. Why would I want my Evernote account full of notes called "Skitch Photo Document" with no way to distinguish between them (other than looking at the annotated picture I guess). And it is even worse if you create a new blank document...then you get a document named "Blank". I'm not as upset as many by the Skitch 2.0 changes, but this seems ridiculous. Let me rename my own documents to something meaningful! It would also be nice to have a note field, similar to Evernote Food, so that I could write something ABOUT the document that would show up in the EN note as well. Sometimes the image requires some context (like why this is something important enough to be in EN in the first place). EDIT: OK, I just discovered I can rename the documents in the desktop by clicking the document name in the main skitch window. However, I can't seem to rename on the iPhone version - tapping the name on the Info screen does nothing. So it isn't QUITE as bad as I thought.
  10. Evernote has given no indication it is going to implement plain text anytime soon. Sorry—to you and me and others. I don't understand how your comment relates to my post at all. The third-party program QuickCursor only deals with plain text because it is designed to open a text editor, let you edit, then send the edits back to the originating application (Evernote in this case). But you can still use it with Evernote - their lack of a plain text option in EN is irrelevant. QuickCursor still copies out the contents of the note and sends it to a text editor just fine. The point of my caveat was that if you have a note with formatting (say bullets, bolding, etc), and use QuickCursor to open it in an editor like WriteRoom, make changes, and then send it back to EN, the formatting will be removed. So this solution for a full-screen, distraction free writing environment within EN is not useful for editing notes with formatting in them.
  11. I also like full-screen, distraction free writing apps for focusing when writing longer pieces. I currently use WriteRoom for this on my mac, and I use QuickCursor to open it up right from Evernote. So, for instance, I create my note, click in the body area for the note, and then hit the shortcut I've defined (Shift+Cmd+E). WriteRoom fires up, I type my note, the Cmd+W to close it and everything I wrote goes right back into the EN note. Caveat is that this process is all plain text; no formatting allowed. The nice thing is, it is the same process from any other apps that edit text, so I can always bring up a consistent full-screen window for writing from any app, not just EN. I prefer this over JMicheal's method just because I've set up writeroom with a nice background and font face that I find pleasant to look at while writing. It is a little more flexible in appearance than EN. I also have ByWord, which I mostly use for mutli-markdown when writing blog posts, but I have sometimes used it for editing EN notes as well.
  12. I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year. This will be my first ever attempt. I am only partially using Evernote however. I am going to do the actual writing in Scrivener (mac version). I've done a little brainstorming and outlining in there so far. I do plan to use Evernote as part of the project. I have started collecting information and jotting down ideas in a notebook that I created specifically for this project. Then, when I'm ready to work on those ideas in Scrivener, I export the notes (to RTF using a script I downloaded eons ago) and drag them into the Research folder in Scrivener... I don't intend to try and keep the two locations in sync; Scrivener will be the master location for the actual novel, and EN will probably be the main location for random notes and ideas. EN is just great at collecting stuff, but I think when it is time to organize and write, Scrivener will work better for me. I also still like to handwrite some things (mostly jotting down quick notes). I then scan the pages later and put them in Evernote. My handwriting is so awful that the OCR doesn't do too much good, but it does pick up a few things. Scan stuff and getting into EN is pretty easy, so I figure I'll continue doing that for NaNoWriMo as well.
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