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  1. Nope. In the iOS app. The amount of lost data in the note is inconsistent. Usually everything in the note since the last device sleep event.
  2. But why are they dumping the local data on the client before confirming that the data uploaded is consistent with the client data? This is an ACID test? We're not talking new technology here. ACID as a concept has been around since the 1980's.
  3. Given the first note in this thread is over a year old and I am experiencing the problem now it does not look like Evernote intends to fix the problem. And despite what some have said, having to upgrade to a premium service to retrieve partially deleted notes isn't a sensible solution, rather it points to a poorly engineered product. Does anyone have any experience with any competing products? I am on an iPad Pro and I am losing notes or updates to them on an almost daily basis. I think this will be my last year with Evernote which is a shame as it had been good for many years but perhaps that
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