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  1. Yes! I't very annoying! The same for me. Today I lost another note but restored it from backup files. It's very inconvinient because any note can dissappear and I even can't realise which note is left. I downloaded old version of Evernote. I'm not sure will it help or not but I will try to use that. https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/windows/old
  2. Is there automatic function for backups?
  3. Yes, but notes shouldn't disappear randomly and it means that I should make backups every time after adding any new information. It's completely inconvenient
  4. I'm using Evernote on iPhone and Windows laptop. The problem is that I lost 3 notes during last few days. When I open some random note either on phone or laptop, I see the content of another note, so the previous information fully disappeared. I don't have function of history of notes and I checked web-version of Evernote. What can I do to prevent such a problem in future and can I restore my notes if I didn't make export of notes before?
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