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  1. Just adding my voice to complaint stream. I am slowly writing up a feedback to Evernote, but wanted to make a note that am not happy at all with the new release. The only serious thing I was missing in old Windows app was dark mode. It got added in new version, but it it slow, bunch of poor design choices, broken in many way (search) and missing many essential features like hotkeys that were present before. Frankly it sucks. I just installed legacy and will be using that.
  2. Hey, Evernote, please pull finger out of the dark hole in the rear and add this !! How long do we have to ask ?! What are you doing all these years? I have not noticed any new feature, at least nothing that I would find useful, yet my eyes keep bleeding out looing at that whie window.
  3. This does not for for me. Damn.. Fuzzy search should just work.. How come it is not implemented already? Really annoying.
  4. Oh, damn. I didn't think of selecting and then pressing the extensions icon. In that case I can do what I wanted. Thanks. I guess the thread should be marked as solved somehow.
  5. I am not expecting fool proof way, but definitely would like to see consistency and help with usability to hande those edge case where Evernote needs assistance. What browser & platform are you using? For Chrome on Windows I dont'see "selection" in the list. Instead I have this when pression on extension icon To clip from selection I have select the text in the page and use context menu. After doing so you get something like this where you can't eddit title. tag, notebook etc. Not really. I mostly talking about Evernote browser extensions. Just mentioned that Evernote Web which extensions afterwards links to is not useful either to achieve what I want. Generally I would want to avoid even needed to open it to cpmplete adding a note since that's extra friction.
  6. This is feedback / suggestion for Chrome browser extenions, so not sure if this forum category is best fit. Problems Some sites have layout that is not handled / recognized well by Evernote and would result with ugly clip in "simple article" case or missing or too much contents in "article" case. The only workaround I have found is to clip from selection. Clip from selection doesn't provide an option to set / edit a tag, title, target notebook. It assigns them based on best guess and extension UI just provides a link to view clip in Evernote Web. Evernote Web doesn't show assigned tag, setting one doesn't help with auto-complete, so easy to assign new one with type. Also assigned notebook not obvious. Because with issues with Evernote Web I usually just go to straight to desktop app to adjust title, tags, notebook which results in cumbersome process. Suggestion Add similar UI experience for setting name, tag, notebook for clip from selection in browser extension UI like is for other clip formats (article, simplified article, full page etc) This where I would expect to be able to adjust clip data https://i.imgur.com/jf3jWGy.png
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