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  1. Still waiting on a fix! <3 Anyone have workarounds in the meantime?
  2. I think the Firefox switch has finally been thrown! Just logged in today on Firefox 70.0b1 (Developer Edition) as well as 68.0.2 (stable), and it defaulted to the new interface. A little skeptical, I chose the "Switch to previous version of Evernote" option in the menu and sure enough, that old one is what I remember from last time. Thank you, Evernote team!! No issues on Firefox so far and I can ditch Chrome for yet one more site.
  3. There are no error messages because Evernote defaults to the (very) old web interface when using Firefox. Open Evernote in Chrome and check out the difference: it's leagues better and we've been stuck waiting on it for 9+ months.
  4. I made an account just to post on this thread. It is absolutely crazy that this is still an issue seven months later. It's "in testing" and "a beta," I get it, but Firefox should have been being tested from day one so as to make it a complete non-issue. And if it wasn't, 30-60 days is usually how long it takes for new browser features to migrate from whoever did it first to all the other browsers. I'm now running an extension to pretend to be Chrome so that I can use a version of Evernote on the web that doesn't suck. I really like the new client, but I'm now running extra software in my browser just to make it accessible. And it seems totally fine, by the way! Maybe a little slower than in Chrome, but still way nicer than the old Web client. If you're that worried about it, just default to old version for Firefox and let us turn it on with a warning.
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