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  1. Each time when collapsing the expanded note by clicking on the "Collapse note" icon the account's popup appears and hides the top-most notes in the notes list. Click on "Collapse icon": The account's popup appears: Seems that clicking on the "Collapse note" is considered as "double-clicking" because if to just hover the mouse pointer to the account icon (without clicking on it) the popup doesn't appear. The popup doesn't appear if to hover the mouse pointer: Is it possible to fix this issue? It extremely annoys when You need to click somewhere else to get the popup closed before being able to click on the note's title in the list.
  2. All the described issues fixed in the latest updates. Now works well with Firefox.
  3. When the note is quite long and has multiple headers of different levels, it's quite difficult to navigate through it. IT would be good to have automatically generated Table of Contents to navigate through the note's sections. E.g. like in the Dropbox's "Paper" (see below): the note's structure is shown if to hover the left edge. It is possible to navigate to each section by clicking appropriate item. If to make a text row bold, it will also be highlighted as the lowest level section what is good to make deeper headers hierarchy. Before hovering: After hovering:
  4. Unfortunately, the problem still exists. Is it going to be fixed? Moreover, there's one nasty issue that happens in Firefox only: when starting typing in this search field, after a second the typing cursor is focused automatically to the note itself and, as a result, the typing is started in the search field and finished in the note's body. What actually makes the search function unusable in Firefox and forces to switch to Chrome. So the question is the same: if Evernote web supports Firefox? Or should the users who have privacy concerns regarding the Google's browser privacy look for an alternative for their notes?..
  5. If to change the cell's background and open the dropdown with the cells' actions, the "CELL BACKGROUND" section shows not current background but the default one. Several days ago it showed the currently used background. This change creates some inconvenience – when adding a new column it will be added with default "blank" background. And if it is needed to change its background to the color as set for the adjacent column, the menu doesn't highlight which color is currently used for this adjacent column and it should be "guessed" for the new column.
  6. And one more issue specific for Firefox browser. When trying to change a column width in the table and moving the column's edge to the most-left allowed position, the mouse pointer "sticks" to the edge and only way to release it is to move the pointer quite far to the right and click on any space of the note. As a result, it's difficult to set the narrowest width for the column. Checked with Chrome – there's no "sticking" like that, and it's possible to set any width I want. Hope, all the tables functionality will work smoothy with Firefox as well. In my opinion, it's not good to support only one vendor's browser.
  7. OK, but when I realised that this is a copy created because of some sync issues, and decided to re-use it for other purposes (renamed, changed text etc.), why isn't it possible to disable the notification popup? I think, it could be fully user's responsibility how to use any note after he/she is notified about the issue.
  8. When executing the search inside the note using built-in search popup and the matching results counter contains a big number, the last digits of it are hidden by the search field's edge (see the "search_firefox" screenshot). Seems the problem is relevant only for Firefox browser because I don't face similar issue when using Chrome (as on the "search_chrome" screenshot). Looks like it's not the first time when some functions don't work properly with Firefox. Is the Evernote Web compatible with this browser at all?
  9. So, two months ago I reported this issue... And still see this popup about the new version availability and there's no way do disable it permanently. Is it going to be fixed?
  10. Yes, but this popup appears after each click on either original or duplicate note - not only when such issue related to connectivity occurs. So even if it is resolved the popup will still annoy.
  11. After an issue with the note sync between two web clients another version of this note was automatically created. After navigating to this note a notification popup with a link to the new version was displayed (see on the attached screenshot) and I closed it using the "cross" icon on the popup. But after that the popup appears again and again each time I'm navigating to either old or new version of the note. How to completely disable this notification?
  12. The new version of the Evernote provides very good abilities for creating and editing tables. But some notes that require elementary calculations (e.g. total sum etc.) I still keep in the spreadsheets. It would be nice if the tables supported basic math formulas not to keep the notes in different applications and to use the Evernote for everything
  13. So when could we expect the problem to be resolved? It's quite difficult for me to switch to the previous version of the Web client because the formatting abilities available in the new one have already been used in many notes.
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