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  1. SMCB

    Note List Options

    Thank you so much for your help on this. I’m going to give it a try.
  2. That’s a great idea. Thanks so much for your help!
  3. SMCB

    Note List Options

    Thank you for your support on this! Could you explain how to do this?
  4. SMCB

    Note List Options

    I can still do searches but I’m not sure how to do what you are telling me. Could you tell me the procedure so I can try it? Thanks so much!
  5. SMCB

    Note List Options

    Thanks for responding! I have a separate notebook set up for medical and I name the notes with the date format yyyymmdd. When I open the notebook the oldest entry is first all of the time. I can switch the order of notes on my pc with no problem but my iPad doesn’t have an option to reverse the order. Anymore ideas? 🙂
  6. Hi! I would just like to say I love this app. I'm working on becoming paper free in my house scanning everything into it. When I use the program on my desktop I can go into "List Note Options" and have the choice to reverse the sort order of the notes. This feature isn't available when I use Evernote on my iPad Air 2. Is there a reason this can't be done or could you please, please pretty please make a change so it does work on IOS? As well as all of my documents I also use Evernote to track all of my medical history which is quite extensive and is filed by date. When I need to find out something in a hurry I have to scroll through to the very bottom of the Notebook to get the most recent note. Right now that's around 500 entries. I use my iPad when I go to doctor appointments and it just takes too long to find things. I hope this is something that you can fix. I'm sure I can't be the only one that has this problem! Thanks, Sue
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