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  1. I've noticed this issue on both the Mac app and the iPhone app. And I HATE IT!!! I'm tired of being polite about my anger. I pay for the premium membership and this is like the straw that breaks the camel's back with regard to how much I long for a better tool for this. I won't go into the rest in this thread.
  2. I finally joined Evernote as a paying subscriber and after sincerely attempting to make the best use of it on my osx laptop and iphone I am fed up and ready to leave. While the details are ample in the community forums and across the internet (I wish I'd researched a bit before subscribing), the ones that make this an unusable tool for me are: - constant reloading of notes without remembering where I was just barely working - horrible editor (repositioning and hiding cursor, etc, etc, etc) - slow interface (I need to get to work *now*, not 30s from now, which leads to forgotten thou
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