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  1. @jefito thanks for the references, am reading. @MatS14 good idea, added to the OP.
  2. thanks, already did. but i doubt it since i see some of the same ip addresses paired up with my device name too. sorry i'm not comfortable showing my ip address, i think you shouldn't too. but i think my OP sums it up well.
  3. https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action it's on the left bar under Security.
  4. hello, i didn't get any suspicious mails or anything but when i check my access history, i see weird locations. some from different cities in my country and few foreign locations. i've only gave permission to my phone and laptop yet some of these doesn't have any device name. just to clarify, i have both my device - not my location and no device name - not my location (some ip addresses matches with the ones sent from my device and some don't) i've already changed my password, i'm wondering, is this behavior normal and is it possible for a device i didn't give permission through my mail to access my account?
  5. i was having problems with the desktop app, pasting was just leaving a blank line. then i remember i switched ctrl + v and ctrl + shift + v. just using latter worked. though i couldnt find that setting.
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