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  1. That's what I mean! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamification It's not an item about games, but about how acting as a game is a way to improve self-organization and goal reaching... How can we imagine it in Evernote? That's a question for the EV team! Some ideas... win a cup if you organize notes in the best way in a corner there is a pop-up with a "space invaders arcade" where you can finally destroy your most used tags and notes a "Strava" like challenge based on Evernote use statistics with EV users around me... yours! Thanks
  2. Working in a press office, I archive all stuffs in evernote. Sometime I have clips from our national television I want to archive with the rest of the stuff, but I have to go out of Evernote only for them. I compress all clips to 200Mb but sometime it is not possibile, I would need maybe 300Mb. thanks!
  3. I need some gamification! 24h a day on Evernote, sometime I'd like to press a button to kill someone! thanks
  4. This is something very needed! I understand you can't fully remove the limit, but 200M is really too low nowadays.
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