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  1. Hi @CalS Thank you for your reply. The 2nd part of your post is very informative - about the possibility of getting back on EverNote. I was actually just waiting for confirmation from @Rich Tener about the deletion of Username and Pwd data from EN's database since I read about it as a given option. But someone from the CS Team has just given me the answer I needed for that too. Which, to whoever (to save yourself some accusations and trolling) else needs to know, is an affirmative one. Thank you both. (tagged you both as an update so that no further replies needed)
  2. You assumed that (according to your accusation: I used 1 pwd for several accounts) - I didn't so it means, not my fault. Yeah, ok. EverNote doesn't need security improvements, sure. 😂 Seesh. So high on the defensive. Like some EverNote fan crazy forum.
  3. Late for a quip. /Yawn/. It's not even addressed to you. So take your wannabe-smart trolling elsewhere.
  4. Thanks, @Rich Tener for your reply and assurance. I know you and your team have been avoiding answering my biggest question as above but I hope that with some honesty and probably security improvements in the near future you guys will gain the trust of more users but: Will asking for a deletion of my account remove my data from your databases and servers (will it be removed completely?)? - hence preventing existing user data from getting stolen by whatever 3rd party site? Thank you.
  5. Hi. It's 2019. This problem has been ongoing since 2017. Actually, why hasn't your security to safeguard your users improved yet? This happened to me twice in a week. Your first warning email to me was on the 28th of Feb 2019. When I checked my list of devices, I saw a foreign "iPhone" which was logged in "3 MONTHS AGO". 3 months is a very long time. But nevermind, I revoked it and changed to a new strong password (yes symbols used, numbers, alphabets, long - like it was before as well). But today, 3 March, I received the same "Reset your password" email again. This is the 2nd time in the
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