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  1. 100% support of this. The ability to have 'hidden' / 'private' notebooks with an extra password for day to day personal notes - same issues as above, kids, family, colleagues seeing more personal notes in error. EN bills as being for work and life - as such this is a fairly basic request and need to ensure there is appropriate separation.
  2. Thanks I’ll try what you suggest. Sounds like fairly deep issues - as so many are having the same challenges. For a product 10 years old + is this acceptable?
  3. Can't Delete Some Notebooks Adding to the thread as it's clear this is a widespread bug. Today I archived a load of notebooks and then deleted them. 2 notebooks keep coming back, with no notes inside. So just empty notebooks. And a couple more were not notebooks I 'owned' - so I chose LEAVE instead, except it tells me 'XXX Failed to Leave' So I can't some notebooks I have created, and I can't leave some that others have created. This is unworkable seeing at Evernote is fairly basic in it's premium, created and organise notes. Urgent fix required Evernote please!
  4. on the whole it's great. however - slight weirdness... I typed down "World" It suggested "World Cup" (I have no notes which referent World Cup - so assume this is from a pool of likely phrases but does NOT relate to the context of my notebook) I clicked on "World Cup" - and instead it just searched for "World" and showed results for that Just lacked intuitiveness Jack
  5. Still no solution. Tedious. How come I can use tables on safari iOS and not an app?! So ridiculous. Come on Evernote ... basic fix and so many people complaining and asking for it...
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