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  1. Bummer! I was hopping that they will have a fix with this version, but I'm afraid that this issue is not under their radar ! I've downgraded to 7.5.6 I believe that that was the last version working good on low res screens of the MacBook Air and using latest ver on the MacBook Pro. And you're right, notes are sharp if opened and not in the preview mode (with the sidebar). Thanks for posting this update on the issue!
  2. So... sadly no resolution yet, 3 months after the problem was initially reported... will there be EVER a fix for this or we need new hardware ?! (because 7.9 is fine on my newer Mac!) How many of you have you already left and how many stayed ?!
  3. No Luck on 7.9 either as the problem is well known to them ... See their reply ... so it are we blasting this on Tweeter and every where else and head out ?!! "Hi Leo, Thank you for reaching out again. Also, I appreciate the additional information you've provided. I understand that it's a known issue of updated Evernote version on Mac devices. Our technical team is working on a fix for this, and we're planning to address it in an upcoming release. Should you have outstanding questions, you may feel free to get back to us and we'll assist you accordingly. Sincerely, Haidee S. Customer Support Representative"
  4. Was this ever fixed !? Initial posting was in November of last year!!! Is it time to look for an alternative to Evernote? Things are getting worse from one version to another, with useless features and it seems breaking the product itself!
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