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  1. I also rely on local notebooks. I don't want to save private information in the cloud but store it with the other notes in the same app. I don't need synchronisation of these notes over all of my devices. For me, local notebooks are a substitute for true encryption never offered by Evernote. True encryption means I store the private key not Google. If Evernote won't bring back local notebooks (or better implement end-to-end encryption), I think I have to look for another tool.
  2. Sorry @DTLow I didn‘t catch it. You‘re right it works. Thanks to all of you.
  3. I don‘t want to link in dropbox to another file. I want to link in Evernote to a dropbox file.
  4. I have my documents saved in dropbox and don‘t want to duplicate them in Evernote (especially when they are still in work). So I just want to link to the file in my dropbox and open it by clicking on this link from any device (Mac and iOS). It‘s possible to link to a local file on the Mac but it‘s limited to local files not directly to dropbox (and this function doesn‘t even exist in the iOS editor). So these links only work on the Mac but not on all devices (because it is an absolute path to the local file). So please extent the editor of Evernote on iOS and enrich Evernote so it is possible to link directly to a file of a cloud service.
  5. For security reasons I don't want to store data in the cloud unencrypted.
  6. I link to local files in my notes (Ctrl-K/Cmd-K). If I move these local files to another location I had to change the information (path) in every note. Is there an easy way to do this without open every link and change the path manually?
  7. I had the same problem (not only with PDFs). I used Evernote on a Mac with the Evernote App from the Apple AppStore. Since I've been using the downloaded version from evernote.com it`s been working as expected.
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