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  1. You are all absolutely correct, I take back any suggestion I made that this might have been fixed. I just got the useless popup again, saying I'm up to date with 10.5.7. I leave Evernote (Windows) open and minimized on my desktop between uses, and I was NOT using it at the time the popup appeared over the window I was using. Oy! Evernote, no excuses anymore, you need to fix this issue ASAP!
  2. 10.5.0 is not the latest version for MacOS, it's 10.5.7. I suggest you manually update. MAC The most recent version is 10.5.7 build 2171. Released December 16, 2020. Evernote for Mac 10.5.7 is available now from the Mac App Store, or as a direct download version from our website. If you're already running the direct download version, you do not need to take any action and will see an automatic update soon.
  3. Ballyhoo, not clear what you are saying: The problem was that the "up-to-date" window was popping up on its own on every launch. If that's no longer happening, then they fixed it. I'm guessing it happened at the head-end, not through an actual app update, since it's normal for the app to check for updates regularly by sending a request to the Evernote server. The problem was that it was incorrectly popping up a window that would otherwise say you needed to update. So they fixed it at the server.
  4. It looks like they fixed the "you're up to date" popup issue, anyone still getting it? Now if they'd only fix the tray icon click (or double-click) not directly opening the main program...
  5. Same here, this needs to be fixed ASAP! Or Evernote is TOAST...
  6. Me too. Double-click on the Windows desktop tray icon needs to open the full app with the cursor on the search box, like ever before. Terrible regression!
  7. Same thing with the Windows version. But, strangely, the Android version DOES jump to the first instance of the search term in a selected note. Let's make this universal!
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