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  1. I am on 10.6.9 on my Mac, and it still does not have the option for Email the note. Now someone just said you MUST BE A PREMIUM member to have this feature. Was this option changed to Premium members only? Because I have been using Evernote free version for almost 15 years WITH the Email Note feature the entire time. If this is true, it would explain much of the confusion. And if that's how it is, I will continue to use Evernote Legacy, it still has the Email Note feature. I don't care much for the new look anyway.
  2. Sorry, but you are incorrect. I have been using FREE Evernote for 15 years and use the email feature daily. I still use it with Legacy version until the issue is corrected.
  3. It looks the same as before. The darker screenshot is from Legacy that I am using for now. It has the menu for MORE SHARING, the new one does not.
  4. I went to the Evernote site and downloaded the latest version for Mac, 10.6.9. Even though my original program says i'm up to date. Now looking at this version, I still don't see the Email A Copy feature there. I think you need to verify, and let people know they may need to update their program.
  5. Not working on mine yet. I am on a Mac using the App. Version 10.3.7. It says I am up to date, do you have a newer version available?
  6. I have not updated my phone app, the email option is still there. So I hope it will still work on the phones too. I am currently using EVERNOTE LEGACY on my computer. Works great, just like it used to. I might just continue using it because I really didn't like the new version anyway, besides the email note issue.
  7. You can always use Evernote Legacy until they make the change. It has the email feature.
  8. I see now Evernote says the new updated App will also be missing this feature. They really screwed the pooch on this one. They are forcing me to find an alternative program.
  9. I am now using Legacy on my Mac and it works fine. I dont think they have a download of the previous version. Otherwise you can use the browser version, which I dont like much. I can still send by email on my Android. But its one big thing they should have discussed with users before removing it. Even though they say a small percentage use it. But its critical to those of us that do.
  10. Removing the feature of "email a copy" is a COMPLETE FAILURE on Evernote's part. I have been using this program for over 10 years, and EVERY DAY I must use this feature to send my manager daily notes so he can do his billing to clients. I don't want to cut and paste them into an email, another waste of time. I just installed the update today to 10.3.7 and it's a nightmare. Too many weird things happening and the way it's organized is HORRIBLE. If the email feature is not restored in the next update, I will have to find another program to use. And don't tell me to use the SHARE feature, I don't want someone to have access to my entire folder. They need it on email so they can forward it to their accounting manager.
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