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  1. Before you write a note, you need to decide: what exactly do you want to convey to all progressive humanity? What thoughts, feelings, methods, etc.? Here are the questions that I use when I write to check the spelling critical essay writing help of the text. In the scientific world there is a good canon of thought design, which implies the answer to the following questions: What problem am I trying to solve? How was she solved before me? What is the novelty of my solution methods compared to its predecessors? For example, you want to describe your personal time planning system. Try to identify the shortcomings of the previous methods or planning systems, and show at the expense of what its features your system does not suffer from these shortcomings. It is desirable to clearly state the problem area and novelty at the very beginning of the article and in the abstract. By the way, this canon is convenient not only for writers, but also for readers.
  2. Please, it is very important for a notes' organization better.
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