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  1. I've already downgraded from premium due to this and issues with slow performance. That such a simple to fix major bug has remained unfixed for months on end now does not bode well. Sadly I'm currently exploring alternatives to Evernote. If the feature you're working on is "lose lots of customers" then you're succeeding at that. If you'd like to keep your loyal customers though, perhaps stop whatever you're doing and fix this bug today.
  2. Just chiming in as well that this bug has affected me in the same way others describe here. Ragged text in the regular note window, clear if the note is opened in a new separate window. Only applies with my monitor (if I view Evernote directly on my laptop screen the text is fine... doesn't help very much though since I only use the laptop screen occasionally). For reference some technical info: macOS 10.13.6 on a MacBook Pro (2017), using a Dell U2412M monitor connected via a Thunderbolt to DisplayPort cable. Evernote is installed through the App store. This has been going on for al
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