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  1. Hello Evernote Community, I'm writing you because since I updated to the 7.6 version, my text notes (and only them) seems to have an anti-aliasing problem. It seem not activated. The fact is that the whole Evernote interface it looks good, but the text inside a note not. Passing hours on it, it is really frustrating for my eyes. Is there any options somewhere to control this? I tried to uninstall, install again, reboot my mac, turn of my mac, zoom more and less, i tried to go directly to the real size option, to modify the size of the window, full screen mode, fonts changing, font size changing too....I really don't know what I can do. It was perfect before the update. Is it possible to reinstall an ancient version? Attached 2 capture screen. The first one from Evernote and the second one from Apple Notes. Actually is not a big deal looking these 2 images, but when you have/write a long text it's really tiring my eyes. I hope to find a solution. Thank you for the support Kevin
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