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  1. I don't get your point. I paid money, still I lost an important tool of my daily life, as I write daily in 3 languages, as another 10 million people this part of EU. I had to go through hoops to get old version working. I expect it to stop working any time. I wasted good 7-8 hours checking out alternatives and trying to export all my 10000+ notes to Notion and OneNote (the latter one actually worked ok). Frustration is massive.
  2. Totally unusable for me. They removed multi-langugage spellcheck, so I have to stick to legacy version being a Premium user.
  3. Hello, Awesome new design. Can't stop using it. One request though. Could you please re-consider adding 1em margins to list items in notes? You're killing us over here with this. Please-please-pretty-please.
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