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  1. Actually I am having the same problem again and can't figure out exactly how I got it to work before. Windows key plus arrows did not work. I somehow stumbled across getting it to work before by using the TASK VIEW button on the task bar. Here's a more permanent fix: if you have an icon for Evernote on your desktop, right click, and go to PROPERTIES, click on the SHORT CUT tab, and make sure the RUN field shows MAXIMIZED. This solved the problem for me without having to maneuver the window every time I opened it.
  2. Yep, that did it! Thanks!!! Playing around with the Windows key until I got the Evernote window to appear, then I just clicked maximize and it stayed visible. Woo hoo!!
  3. I noticed someone else had this same problem, but the post shows "Solved" by uninstalling and re-installing. This didn't work for me. I am not sure if this is a Windows issue or Evernote (never had this problem before all the recent Evernote updates though). I have tried: Uninstall and reinstall Alt+Tab (I can SEE the Evernote window open when I do this) Task View (and all the view/move options under that) Checked Windows display settings to make sure second monitor not set up (it's not) Not sure what else I can do! Any suggestions much appreciated.
  4. I have this problem as well - just noticed it happening within the past week or so. Definitely did not happen before, because it's quite noticeable (and fugly)! I wonder if it has to do with clicking ANNOTATE PDF. I THINK it started after I clicked that (had never clicked it before). Maybe that will help someone troubleshoot this annoying problem.
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