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  1. I just installed the Everblote lagacy. After using this product for two years. I must say I will start looking for an alternative. Just leave the fkng sofware alone!!!! It was fine. Copying all these notebooks now will take am enormous amount of time. This is just like Adobe killing the photoshop suite by forcing yearly subscriptions...why the hell are you companies so nasty?? I may have to just go to MS Note and live with it!
  2. I posted this issue a while ago. Evernote needs a format painter uility for doing it within the app. It has nothing to do with where its running. It needs to be part like Word.
  3. This is a JOKE!!! Why am I paying for something that is going backwards!!!!!! Why does everyone want to be like microsoft?? I want the sync button and where the HELL is the search field? IF this is the answer, I will cancel my subscription and find a new note taking app. Thanks EN!!!
  4. This is a "must have." Only thing I can think of is lazy programmers. I just subscribed to EN and this is one thing I wanted. And others who say use another editor and paste it in...time wasters.
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