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  1. Bring back multiple full-fledged windows and tabs. Only reason I'm still on Legacy.
  2. What's there to lose by making this the default behavior? Also, perhaps there are many other users (such as **ERP** and myself) that consistently use a single tag per note.
  3. The vertical buffer is gigantic now. I used to use a varying number of horizontal lines to divide my content within a note. The buffer now makes that impossible.
  4. Agree. Used to have 4-5 windows open with 4-5 tabs each. Evernote no longer works for me.
  5. Agree 100%. We should be able to sort by both tag and title (so that all notes with same tag appear together, sorted alphabetically).
  6. Goal: sort notes by "Tags" and then by "Title" in alphabetical order. Current behavior: if you sort by "Tags," then the notes within a particular tag group are inevitably sorted by "Updated." Proposed solution: same as in Excel. When you sort based upon multiple columns, the order or hierarchy of the sorting is based on the order that the columns were selected.
  7. [iPad + Apple Pencil] [Premium member] Hola, Evernote. Granted -- my life is so engrained to Evernote that I'll use it regardless of whether annotation works. Having said that, the feature is unusable, and I need to annotate stuff every day. I've attached pictures of notes taken during class -- each one of them took at least 5 attempts, each of which consisted of redrawing at least one letter ("s", "o", "a", "g", "d," "p", "u," and "e" are particularly difficult). I now annotate pdfs on GoodNotes and export them to Evernote. Please, would you let us know when this will be fixed?
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