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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and there is significant lag in using the stylus for handwritten notes. It was same issue in the Note 9. I know it is not the hardware because the Samsung Note app has no lag when using the stylus. My workaround is to create notes in the Samsung app and then save to Evernote and, while not ideal, seems to work. Between this issue and the continual loss of notes in iOS (unless manually synced, I also use an iPad), this product has become useless.
  2. I have this same issue. I continually lose notes made in iOS when I don't manually sync. It is absolutely ridiculous and a show stopper. I am switching to OneNote (which I hate but does not do this).
  3. This! Just got my Note 9 and is so laggy! Microsoft Onenote does not have this issue. I pay premium fee and this is unacceptable. Also, the Android handwriting capability is aweful compared to iOS. I HATE Microsoft but have to change because I take notes with a stylus.
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