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  1. For everyone having the issue of being unable to resize: I have the same issue but I was able to being able to resize images by opening Evernote on the website and not through the desktop app. If you only have a few images you need to resize this practical solution will do the trick. Also, for some random reason once you resize the given image or images through the website it will also allow you to resize it in the desktop app
  2. The reason I use blank spaces between lines (like title and content or even between two single lines) is to emphasize important ideas. Also, I found out the way to make it work so thanks gazumped for your support
  3. The problem is that when I write and leave a blank space on purpose like this: Title Content... And I close the note It doesn't stick. So, when I reopen it, Evernote squeezes them in like this: Title Content... I don't understand why is this happening. Why sometimes Evernote keeps the blank spaces and sometimes not?
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