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  1. "It takes headings and blows them up to 62pt". Same here! This is not cool. Also paying for Evernote Premium and very frustrated. Please fix this to the previous version asap or send us updates on what is happening.
  2. This is not fixed. Still as Milarvoz describes it: word count shortly blinking when clicking on a note, after which it disappears. Please tell me what to enable where to make the number of words/characters/size show all the time.
  3. When ticking Status Bar under the View menu, one gets to see the number of words, the number of characters and the size of the not. It would be very helpful to also show the number of selected words whenever you select a couple of lines within that note. You cannot simply highlight a couple of paragraphs and then check how many words that is (right clicking does not give you an option either).
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